Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 31 2021

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Clues Answers
"Endymion" poet KEATS
"Frasier" pooch EDDIE
"Toy Story" dinosaur REX
"— Mine" (Beatles song) IME
Actress Skye IONE
Altar vow IDO
Attorney's field LAW
Ballroom dance RUMBA
Big gulp SWIG
Bothered ATEAT
Bovary's title (Abbr.) MME
Canadian flag symbol MAPLELEAF
Canadian prov SASK
Cannes milk LAIT
Chou En- — LAI
Common car freshener feature PINESCENT
Curvy letter ESS
Deep cut GASH
Despise LOATHE
Disparaging SNIDE
Dyeing vessel VAT
Eliminate RULEOUT
Former polit. divisions SSRS
Frank McCourt memoir TIS
Gaelic ERSE
Goes astray SINS
Hostel INN
LAPD alert APB
Least confined FREEST
Legendary "Jeopardy!" host TREBEK
List-ending abbr ETC
Clues Answers
Make ill SICKEN
Mao — -tung TSE
Misery WOE
Monastery figure FRIAR
Mouthed off to SASSED
MSN, for one ISP
Nero's 210 CCX
Nightmarish address ELMSTREET
Oklahoma city ADA
Passion HEAT
PC key ESC
PX patrons GIS
Retrieve GET
Salonga of "Miss Saigon" LEA
Sean, to Yoko SON
Shoe width EEE
Snacks (on) NOSHES
Soft drink choice BIRCHBEER
Sun Bowl city ELPASO
Supermodel Benitez ELSA
Surpass TOP
Swedish auto SAAB
Swelled head EGO
T-shirt size LARGE
Tennisstar Nadal RAFAEL
Towboat TUG
Unpaid OWED
Up for it GAME
Vitamin stat RDA
Withstand BEAR