USA Today - Jun 19 2021

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Clues Answers
'A collective thank-you to a people who made a way out of no way,' per Wanda Blake JUNETEENTH
'I ___ be bothered' CANT
'Pariah' writer/director Rees DEE
'Que ___?' ('What's up?') PASA
'Salvage the Bones' novelist Ward JESMYN
'___ aren't kidding!' YOU
'___ My Boy' ('Everybody's Talking About Jamie' song) HES
1981 Brixton ___ ('Electric Avenue' subject) RIOT
20-Down letters IOU
2019 zodiac animal PIG
51-Across in French ELLE
Abominable snowmen YETIS
Agita-inducing situation TENSEMOMENT
Aria singer DIVA
Ascended ROSE
Astronaut's org NASA
Athlete Arthur ASHE
Best Upset, for example ESPY
Billowy garments TENTDRESSES
Caffe ___ ('black coffee' in Italian) NERO
Chase after PURSUE
Divine animals in ancient Egypt CATS
Do a diner job BUS
Domesticates TAMES
Elitists SNOBS
Emerge surprisingly POPUP
Equivalent of 'ain't' ISNT
Feels bitter about RESENTS
Fix glitches in DEBUG
Four-string instrument TENORBANJO
Furnaces for pottery KILNS
Fuzzy target for a racket TENNISBALL
Glasses parts RIMS
Go left or right TURN
Greek letters that make 'ks' sounds XIS
Gymnast Dennis NIA
Hoops analyst Rebecca LOBO
Hoppy beers IPAS
Hot cocoa holders MUGS
Clues Answers
Instrument at a sumo contest GONG
Letter after sigma TAU
Like an attention-demanding pet NEEDY
Lip balm additive ALOE
Long part of a gown TRAIN
Mobile data stat USAGE
Money owed DEBT
Most common surname in the U.S SMITH
Nays' opposites AYES
Not mention OMIT
Nutty/fruity sandwich, for short PBJ
Otherwise ELSE
Part of a min SEC
Peninsula next to China KOREA
Person from Belgrade, say SERB
Piece in a dying fire EMBER
Place to sit in church PEW
Polar animal BEAR
Political override VETO
Printer paper purchase REAM
Program grad ALUM
Put in order SORT
Revise EDIT
Scarce resource in the Hanukkah story OIL
Sched. placeholder TBA
Scorch SEAR
Some swimsuits SPEEDOS
Spanish for 'eight' OCHO
Subject of the Angela Chen book 'Ace' ASEXUALITY
Sushi wrapper NORI
They/___ pronouns THEM
They/___ pronouns SHE
Thyme unit SPRIG
Tiny fly GNAT
Tip of a shoe TOE
Used to be WERE
Winter shoe BOOT
Words of agreement YESES