USA Today - Jun 14 2021

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Clues Answers
'Great job!' KUDOS
'What time?' WHEN
'___ the fields we go . . .' OER
Actress Mireille ENOS
Alter ___ EGO
Alternative to a text, perhaps EMAIL
Another name for a mountain lion PUMA
Another name for pop SODA
Arctic or Pacific OCEAN
Author of 'Little Fires Everywhere' CELESTENG
Brought to mind EVOKED
Citrus fruit named for its appearance UGLI
Colorful eye part IRIS
Common soccer tie ONEONE
Counterpart of estos ESOS
Craving URGE
Dim sum dumpling SHUMAI
Extra bed in a hotel room COT
Few and scattered SPARSE
Figure skater Karen CHEN
Fish hidden in 'reeled in' EEL
Forceful takeover COUP
French for 'name' NOM
Fringes EDGES
Game cube DIE
Ginger ___ ALE
Heavy tool dropped in cartoons ANVIL
Increased the power of, perhaps SOUPEDUP
Jargon LINGO
Joke around KID
Khadijah Queen, for one POET
Kiarostami's country IRAN
Like a bogey OVERPAR
Mani's partner PEDI
Marry WED
National tree of the U.S OAK
Nautical call for help SOS
Clues Answers
Not as good WORSE
Not attend SKIP
Not watered down PURE
One might be pressed to scroll ARROWKEY
One of India's official languages HINDI
Opposite of odd EVEN
Orange-roofed restaurant, for short HOJO
Organization delivering food and support MEALSONWHEELS
Pastry that can rhyme with 'cone' or 'gone' SCONE
Peanut butter cup inventor REESE
Place to fish PIER
Purchase opportunity before tickets are generally available PRESALE
Roll-on alternative SPRAY
Sally ___, first American woman in space RIDE
Shell out SPEND
Significant progress INROADS
Skilled negotiators DEALMAKERS
Slip-___ (easy shoes) ONS
Small amount of hair gel DAB
Some car damage DENTS
Supped DINED
Taco day (Abbr.) TUE
Takes control of the narrative, in a way OWNSIT
Tandoor, for example OVEN
The papers and such NEWSMEDIA
The two that it takes to tango DANCEPARTNERS
They might swing or revolve DOORS
Top of the Capitol Building DOME
Tributes in verse ODES
Two aces, e.g PAIR
Underprivileged NEEDY
Veggie in a pod PEA
Very hard candy JAWBREAKER
Volunteer's response ICAN
Word after 'high' or 'turn the' TIDE
___ like a fox SLY
___ Scotia NOVA
___ up (in a heap) PILED