USA Today - Jun 9 2021

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Clues Answers
'Black Panther' actress Danai GURIRA
'Exit full screen' key ESC
'Go with your ___' GUT
'Ow! My udder!' MOO
Actress DeLaria LEA
Apt-sounding name for a worrywart STU
Aromatherapy liquids OILS
Attract LURE
Basic beliefs TENETS
Be introduced to MEET
Beef ___ mode ALA
Bills you can't pay with BEAKS
Bit of folklore TALE
Bread with a hole in it BAGEL
Bunches of locusts SWARMS
Burdens ONUSES
Bus station DEPOT
Charmingly old-fashioned QUAINT
Cleansing skincare product FACESOAP
Clobbered TROUNCED
Cold Bernie, e.g MEME
Colorful citrus drink PINKLEMONADE
Combined POOLED
Common storage space ATTIC
Convenience store convenience ATM
Deep mud MIRE
Domain AREA
Edamame eater's discard POD
Electoral battleground PURPLESTATE
Extinct bird DODO
Fridge decorations MAGNETS
Genre for 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' DRAMA
Great Lake that's 3/4 vowels ERIE
Green ___ Deal NEW
Hotdish ingredients, usually TATERTOTS
ID on a tax form SSN
India's continent ASIA
Clues Answers
It may hold soup or coffee THERMOS
Kanga's kid ROO
King Julien in 'Madagascar,' e.g LEMUR
Large concert venues ARENAS
Leaders in hives or high schools QUEENBEES
Left on ___ (ignored via text) READ
Musical with the song 'Memory' CATS
Necklace in 'Lilo & Stitch' LEI
Not fastened UNDONE
Old Russian ruler TSAR
Opposites of fans HATERS
Passover ritual with the Four Questions SEDER
Performance ensemble whose members paint their heads BLUEMANGROUP
Pet rocks and slap bracelets, e.g FADS
Removes pencil marks ERASES
Resting on ATOP
Secretly include on an email BCC
Settlers of Catan resource ORE
Sign of things to come OMEN
Small unit of matter ATOM
Sound of relaxation AHH
Spotify interruptions ADS
Squeals, in a way TELLS
Sunburn soother ALOE
Table tennis-themed arcade game PONG
Talk and talk and talk GAB
They're often braided in horse shows MANES
This puzzle has 74 CLUES
Titular Tyler Perry character MADEA
Totally exhausted SPENT
Unwelcome picnic guest ANT
What the D in CD stands for DISC
Word before 'pin' or 'mic' LAPEL
Write in SQL CODE
___ Us (game with Impostors) AMONG
___ Vegas LAS