USA Today - Jun 10 2021

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Clues Answers
'Absolutely!' YES
'Fooled ya!' PSYCH
'I made a boo-boo' OOPS
'Kiss my grits!' BITEME
'You said it!' AMEN
'___ Butch Blues' STONE
'___ have mercy!' LORD
A pencil that's mostly eraser NUB
A rabbit may be pulled out of one HAT
Actor Arnaz of 'I Love Lucy' DESI
Adjective for 'relationship' or 'memory' LONGTERM
Alexandra of 'Chicago Med' GREY
An arm or a leg LIMB
Animal hidden in 'Blenheim Palace' IMPALA
Band aid AMP
Bigheadedness EGO
Bird that says 'cock-a-doodle-doo' ROOSTER
Bowen of 'SNL' YANG
Braying beast ASS
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed EAGER
Close at hand NEARBY
Cognizant AWARE
Colonel Meow, for one CAT
Competed like Abbie Eaton RACED
Counts on one's fingers, perhaps ADDS
Devices with FaceTime IPHONES
Events with lightning STORMS
Feeling after capoeira class, maybe ACHE
Flowers with thorns ROSES
Foreboding sign OMEN
Golf peg TEE
Good judgment COMMONSENSE
Group on top of a loose football DOGPILE
Halloween costume with horns DEVIL
Having regrets RUING
Hi-___ graphics RES
Inedible apple part CORE
Interior designer's suggestion COLORSCHEME
Jekyll's alter ego HYDE
Clues Answers
Jigsaw puzzle components PIECES
Jumps like a bunny HOPS
Koi pond scum ALGAE
Las Vegas football player RAIDER
Last line of defense in soccer GOALIE
Like the name Lily for a florist APT
Liquid moisturizer LOTION
Lost traction SLID
Lymph clusters NODES
Nonkosher sandwich filling HAMSALAD
Nuts that grow into oaks ACORNS
One-___ pullups ARMED
Org. with a 3-1-1 liquids rule TSA
Owns HAS
Paramore genre EMO
Part of IOU OWE
Parts of many soda cans TABS
Person whose voice is garbled in 'Peanuts' ADULT
Place where a person grows up CHILDHOODHOME
Rational SANE
Regions AREAS
Result of addition SUM
Sci-fi movie that takes place on Pandora AVATAR
Show your feelings EMOTE
Singer/songwriter Geiger TEDDY
Snake's sound HISS
Supply with oxygen AERATE
Surname on tractors DEERE
Takes a siesta SLEEPS
The Liberty Tree, e.g ELM
Trash can smell ODOR
UFO pilots ETS
Witness SEE
Word before 'orange' or 'bank' BLOOD
Zero NIL
___ Ness monster LOCH
___ out (distributes) DOLES
___ up (enlivens) PEPS