The Washington Post - May 10 2021

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Clues Answers
'Absolutely!' YESYES
'Don't __ word!': 'Shh!' SAYA
'I Can't Help Myself' Motown group ... and what's comprised by 18-, 24-, 39- and 52-Across' starting words? THEFOURTOPS
'I'm clueless' NOIDEA
'I'm freezing!' BRR
'Mutiny on the Bounty' captain BLIGH
'Star Wars' director George LUCAS
'__ the DJ, I'm the Rapper': 1988 album HES
*Accessory metaphor for an accomplishment NOTCHONONESBELT
18-wheeler SEMI
Actor Holbrook HAL
Ark builder NOAH
At the head of the line FIRST
Average grade CEE
Behind on bills INDEBT
Belle's suitor BEAU
Bok __: Chinese cabbage CHOY
Bottom-corner PC key CTRL
Brewer Coors ADOLPH
Browsing the Web, say ONLINE
Cell pic taker CAM
Chinese ethnic group HMONG
City near Tahoe RENO
Cloak-and-dagger spy SECRETAGENT
Cookie baker's lot BATCH
Covered, as a cake ICED
Crazy as __ ALOON
Direction of the dawn EAST
DMV certificate LIC
Easter egg coloring DYE
Emails a dupe to CCS
Frighten SCARE
Frito-__ LAY
Gas leak giveaway ODOR
Gator kin CROC
Go along (with) AGREE
Goddess for whom a month is named MAIA
Habit wearer NUN
Heroic tale EPIC
Clues Answers
Kind of minister or suspect PRIME
Land in la mer ILE
Lynda Bird's married name ROBB
Neither's partner NOR
Not in the office OUT
Not up to snuff SUBPAR
Numerous MANY
Of an arterial trunk AORTAL
Old toga wearer ROMAN
One cheering for the team FAN
Pinocchio's problem LYING
Prefix with bar ISO
Punta del __, Uruguay ESTE
Purple color named for a flower LILAC
Quivery vocal effect TREMOLO
Recipe abbr TSP
Roll of the dice THROW
Scale units: Abbr LBS
Sculler's prop OAR
Sign warning word about a watchdog BEWARE
Snug bug's place? RUG
Spaghetti-in-a-can icon CHEFBOYARDEE
Spanish eight OCHO
Start for fab or fix PRE
Stitch together SEW
Suspicious (of) LEERY
Table setting item PLATE
Theater segments ROWS
Tightfisted CHEAP
Trucker's unit TON
Two-base hit: Abbr DBL
Typically yellow tangy fruit BANANAPEPPER
Water, in Cannes EAU
Whiz PRO
With unnamed partners, in bus. names ANDCO
Wordsworth's '__ to Duty' ODE
X-rated stuff PORNO
You, in French TOI