Irish Times (Crosaire) - May 10 2021

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Clues Answers
Bug popular religious community INSECT
Calling mercenaries dismissing mines CAREER
Couple of the extremes of Joseph Stalin JOIN
Dieting? Drop gin and cut out the boring stuff perhaps! EDIT
Get rid of what's concealed in deciduous trees OUST
Harry lashes out HASSLE
Heard talking to the secretary writing things down - the one tyrannically in sole control DICTATOR
I ran kitchens for the functions in the country houses? STATEROOMS
It's about 4 down offering to take another cut REEDIT
Jerk starting trouble is capable of casting a spell over someone TWITCH
Non-partisan in Apt - not the one in France? JUST
One finishing sentence in jail cell in a major cold snap ICEAGE
Park and Ride - the last near craft on lough - the one with home for the partridge PEARTREE
Playing on cellos or working on the base? COLONELS
Clues Answers
Response to an erotic novel REACTION
Sit on the fence with woman after college DITHER
Sounds like somewhere one could find jumpy characters - one living off the other PARASITE
Straight mole from Homeland HAND
That man employing guards across island that's blowing hot and cold HESITATION
The City talks at length about right food for vegetarians BRUSSELSSPROUTS
They protected old police department over philosophy explaining how Godly figure allows evil to exist THEODICY
Tiny piece in Post written by journalist PARTICLE
Took advantage of those characters taken in by Duc de Sully going all the way back USED
Try to tidy head on cut flower TASTE
Turns up Rafa's initial insight is attractive to holidaymakers following game SAFARI
University with the greatest school in right state opened department and made a ceremony out of it RITUALISED
Whatever way you look at it, it's the same - Dennis and Edna sinned? PALINDROME
When you lose energy, expect blackouts with this POWERCUT