- May 9 2021

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Clues Answers
''Aladdin'' villain JAFAR
''Downton Abbey'' title LADY
''Et __'' (and others) ALII
''Exodus'' author URIS
''Fresh Air'' airer NPR
''Frozen'' queen ELSA
''What was that?'' HUH
A way up or down STAIR
All the ones here THESE
Allowing for amends ATONABLE
Allude to GETAT
Ancient Peruvian INCA
Appropriateness SUITABILITY
Auction ending EER
Bands' bookings GIGS
Battleship shades GRAYS
Biblical paradise EDEN
Big buyer of books BIBLIOPHILE
Bock holder STEIN
Botanical balm ALOE
Bubbly beverages SODAPOPS
Cantina appetizers TAPAS
Carrier to Kolkata AIRINDIA
Caught sight of ESPIED
Comic Viking HAGAR
Contents of some 80 Down IPAS
Cook's collection PANS
Cosmetics container PAINTPOT
Cozy retreat NEST
Crunchy lunch, for short BLT
Davy Crockett outpost ALAMO
De Mille of dance AGNES
Defensive barrier RAMPART
Does nothing LOLLS
Does pull-ups CHINS
Done in, as a dragon SLAIN
Draconian SEVERE
Eels in sushi bars UNAGI
Endangered massive mammal RHINO
Engineer Eiffel GUSTAVE
Enjoy much SAVOR
Entry halls VESTIBULES
Eroded ATE
Exterior OUTER
Family female AUNT
Final tally TOTAL
French Revolution figure ROBESPIERRE
Fridge activity RAIDING
Frigidaire alternative AMANA
Fuzzy fruits KIWIS
Genesis high point ARARAT
Go-getter DOER
Gold Rush thief CLAIMJUMPER
Grace conclusion AMEN
Great joy DELIGHT
Green chips veggie KALE
Half a converse phrase VERSA
Hand down a decision RULE
Hive dweller DRONE
Hold back RESTRAIN
Improves, as a deal SWEETENS
In the entourage ALONG
Inclement, in a way RAINY
Inventor Howe ELIAS
It follows that HENCE
Jambalaya ingredient PRAWN
Kind of dual degree MDPHD
Lauder of lipstick ESTEE
Left to improve, as in some 80 Down AGED
Like a shot FAST
Clues Answers
Liverpool lav LOO
Los __ Mosqueteros TRES
Lots of lots ACRES
Mail to the wrong place MISADDRESS
Maze marking START
Moonstruck DAFT
Narrow advantage EDGE
Nautical direction DUESOUTH
NFC West player LARAM
NFLer's honor ALLPRO
Noel notable SANTA
Novelist Gruen SARA
Once more, nonstandardly AGIN
Opera extras, for short SUPES
Overstuffs GLUTS
Perfection spoilers FLAWS
Pest on a pet FLEA
Pirate's quaff GROG
Pixar title robot WALLE
Places for potations VATS
Places for potations BARRELS
Printed slip-ups ERRATA
Puzzle where ''or'' is an oar REBUS
React mirthfully LAUGH
Reacts irritably SNAPS
Remarkable thing LULU
Return-mail courtesy: Abbr SASE
Roman god of beginnings JANUS
RSVP recipients HOSTS
Sacrament, for example RITE
Sailed through ACED
Sending ship-to-ship signals WIGWAGGING
Singer or scaly swimmer BASS
Singing syllables LALAS
Slows, with ''down'' BOGS
Small stain SPOT
Sophocles drama ANTIGONE
Sort of urban art STREETSCAPE
Spaces for choirs LOFTS
Stage work ROLE
Stop resisting CAPITULATE
Store purchase plan LAYAWAY
Strong wishes YENS
Suffix for percent ILE
Sumatra neighbor JAVA
Sup in style DINE
Sweeping stories EPICS
Swiftly, to Shakespeare APACE
Takes out, as text DELES
Talk nonsense PRATE
Taunting remark GIBE
Thinking over CONSIDERING
Thurman of films UMA
Tire pattern TREAD
Toon skunk LEPEW
Twist to dry WRING
Two-Oscar knight CAINE
Twosome DYAD
Upper echelon ELITE
US Women's Open org LPGA
Vacation on a vessel CRUISE
Vindictive person REVENGER
Water bird CRANE
Water birds HERONS
Water birds GEESE
What Macs run on IOS
World Cup shout OLE
World's longest range ANDES