New York Times - May 9 2021

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Clues Answers
'Bye!' TATA
'Oh no!' ACK
'Same here' ASAMI
'Who ___ you?' ASKED
'Whoa boy, settle down' EASY
'Whoa, settle down' CHILL
'___ the deal ...' HERES
Actress in eight Bond films DENCH
Aesthete's interest ART
Año starter ENERO
Apologetic remark during a breakup ITSME
Bad thing to do in class SNORE
Be crazy about ADORE
Beast with a humped shoulder GNU
Beginning that leads to a sum? COGITO
Bishop's hat MITER
Book that's the source of the line 'It is more blessed to give than to receive' ACTS
Boundaries AMBITS
Bran material OAT
Cable news anchor Cabrera ANA
Cancer fighter, for short TCELL
Capital of Fiji SUVA
Cause of wear and tear USE
Child's response to Mom's actions? [Diana Ross, 1980] IMCOMINGOUT
Cleaning solution LYE
Competes on a British cooking show BAKES
Complete UTTER
Computer file, informally DOC
Consult SEE
Country singer McKenna LORI
Davidson of 'S.N.L.' PETE
Director DuVernay AVA
Doctor's comment after Mom delivers the second twin? [The Who, 1965] THEKIDSAREALRIGHT
Drink with the flavors Poppin' Lemonade and Grabbin' Grape HIC
Empire REALM
Exam for some aspiring C.E.O.s GMAT
Feels it the next day, say ACHES
Figure (out) SUSS
Fishing bait CHUM
Food delivery route? ESOPHAGUS
Garr of 'Tootsie' TERI
Go down the ___ TUBES
Hang it up STOP
Henley Royal ___ (annual July event) REGATTA
Hilarious sort RIOT
Host of HBO's 'Real Time' MAHER
Hot state IRE
Improvised MADEDO
Inoculation location ARM
It's broken off SECT
J.D. holder: Abbr ATTY
Janet Yellen's former post, with 'the' FED
Joint: Prefix ARTHRO
Keeps the beat with one's foot TOETAPS
Kind of column DORIC
Last name in shoes MCAN
Lead-in to trumpet or drum EAR
Legally foreclose ESTOP
Life, briefly BIO
Like sea horses that give birth MALE
Like snails' trails SLIMY
Lions and tigers and bears ZOOANIMALS
Little bit DAB
Loving INTO
Major part of the night sky? URSA
Midwife's advice to Mom in the delivery room? [Salt-N-Pepa, 1987] PUSHIT
Mobster's undoing RAT
Mom's comment to her child during prenatal bonding? [Frank Sinatra, 1954] IGETAKICKOUTOFYOU
Clues Answers
Mom's reaction as delivery draws closer? [Usher, 2012] SCREAM
Mom's reaction to her first mild contractions? [John Cougar, 1982] HURTSSOGOOD
Mom's remark as contractions grow stronger? [The Ramones, 1978] IWANNABESEDATED
More than half of humanity ASIANS
Mother's Day delivery ROSES
Not dismissive of OPENTO
Nurse's remark after Mom delivers the first twin? [Britney Spears, 1998] BABYONEMORETIME
Olympic athlete category PARA
Org. that delivers USPS
Oscar ___ MAYER
Pacific crop TARO
Part of a drivetrain AXLE
Part of a Milky Way bar NOUGAT
Pet sound MEW
Piece of equipment for a biathlete RIFLE
Places to take breaks, for short? ERS
Poorly ILL
Prey for a formicivorous creature ANT
Quaint contraction TIS
Raw footage? ADULTMOVIE
Relations TIES
Ron who played Tarzan ELY
Roughly ORSO
Rule for trick-or-treaters ONEEACH
Sappho's '___ to Aphrodite' ODE
Setting for a scene in the Sistine Chapel EDEN
Settle down, say MARRY
Shout at a Greek wedding OPA
Simple life? AMEBA
Singer with the 1968 hit 'Think,' familiarly ARETHA
Site of offshore banks? ISLET
Solicit sales (for) REP
Something you might gloss over LIP
Spanish archipelago, with 'the' CANARIES
Spill clumsily SLOSH
Sport whose participants call 'Pull!' SKEET
Stick in the refrigerator? MARGARINE
Stress test? FINAL
Struck out EXED
Sun follower? MON
Team ___ (late-night host's following) COCO
Tennis star with the highest career winning percentage in singles matches (89.97%) EVERT
The 13th or 15th IDES
The Renaissance, for one ERA
They're used mostly on corners STAPLERS
Things served in prison TERMS
Toothpaste option GEL
Touches ABUTS
Tour de France stage ETAPE
TV reporter's entourage CAMERACREW
U.S. city whose name is composed of two state abbreviations WACO
Unenthusiastic TEPID
Utah ski resort ALTA
Vaporize, say ZAP
Venue for trill seekers? OPERAHOUSE
Wanna-bees, e.g.? PUPAE
Went sniggling EELED
What a shaken soda bottle will do when uncapped SPEW
What Mom is obligated to do as her due date approaches? [The Beatles, 1969] CARRYTHATWEIGHT
Wind down? SLALOM
Witty saying MOT
Woman's name meaning 'goddess' THEA
Wound up on top? SCAB
Wyoming's National ___ Refuge ELK
Yes, in Yokohama HAI
___ of Maine (toothpaste) TOMS
___ state REM