New York Times - May 8 2021

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Clues Answers
'How adorable!' AWSOCUTE
'I'm right here' AHEM
'Marriage Story' Oscar winner DERN
'Wall Street' catchphrase GREEDISGOOD
Accept the blame for OWN
Actress Shields, mother of Brooke TERI
Annual genre writing award AGATHA
Archery need AIM
Be in the works BREW
Business letters LTD
Calculator button next to cos SIN
Camper's gear chain REI
Celebrity portmanteau beginning in 2012 KIMYE
Cheap cab, perhaps HOUSERED
Chump SAP
Club type IRON
Common complex rule NOPETS
Composition test ASSAY
Correction for a wild pitch AUTOTUNE
Day to post a throwback picture on social media: Abbr THU
Dumpster fire HOTMESS
Easy friendliness BONHOMIE
Get too old AGEOUT
Goes on a dinner date, e.g EATSOUT
Grocery store found in Michigan? IGA
Horizontal LYING
III, e.g., in 'Richard III' ACT
Impertinent sort SNIP
Irish name that's a Slavic name backward AIDAN
It becomes another question when its first letter is moved to the end WHO
It can lay a one-and-a-half-pound egg EMU
It involves much ear-tugging and head-shaking CHARADES
Just a bit ATOM
Clues Answers
Kind of trip taken solo EGO
Lead-in to stars or daylight SEE
Like some unpleasant comments SNARKY
Like the last in a line NTH
More than suspicious of ONTO
Nibbles NOSHES
Noodle dish whose name indicates its cuisine PADTHAI
Notable examples of crossing a line, in brief TDS
Number of days it takes Mercury to orbit the sun EIGHTYEIGHT
Once-in-a-lifetime events BIRTHS
One stoner to another DUDE
Org. with an annual Codebreaker Challenge NSA
Perfumery compound ESTER
Pete Buttigieg's home state: Abbr IND
Pumbaa's friend in 'The Lion King' TIMON
Ring in the holiday spirit? WREATH
Satisfied sigh AAH
Soft, green food MASHEDPEAS
Sorority letter RHO
Steaming IRATE
Supreme court member? NBAALLSTAR
The old you? THOU
They may be used in a pinch HERBS
Throw (together) SLAP
Turn right, say TIGHTEN
Utah's 'Industry,' e.g MOTTO
Walt Whitman wrote one beginning 'Lo, 'tis autumn' SESTET
Was up, in a sense BATTED
What a nod might mean IGETIT
What a shrug might mean NOMATTER
Words after 'The end'? NIGHTYNIGHT
Years ___ AGO
___ bowl ACAI