The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,668 - May 6 2021

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Clues Answers
Artist that is revolutionary TURNER
Awful creep, about ten, behaving insincerely PRETENCE
Beastly noise by river in a desolate place MOOR
Blast from modern radio echoing DARN
Business to begin -- right for any number to get involved COMMERCE
Colourless band that is associated with a DJ BLACKTIE
Column to endure when given external support PILASTER
Engineers try hard to gain control RESTRAIN
Expecting to be quiet as a ruler PREGNANT
Fish or grouse? CARP
Insect sadly trapped in hole -- hard to get out LEPIDOPTERAN
Light support LAMPPOST
Match with elements of supreme quality EQUAL
Monster repulsed in the course of terrible turbulence BRUTE
Nag in a fight WARHORSE
Clues Answers
Piles are arranged in framework ESPALIER
Plane crashing close to India in mountainous territory NEPALI
Plant with sign of new life daughter and I found in open country BUDDLEIA
Praise from firm met with a grunt -- working after hours? CONGRATULATE
Race with dear Charles hiding in shelter STEEPLECHASE
Removal from Eden, toil being involved DELETION
Sea creature some sailor caught ORCA
Shut up in quiet part of hospital PENT
Something associated with the pomp of a final musical performance? CIRCUMSTANCE
Spot with exceptional perception an unknown character ESPY
The person writing leading article that is ungenerous soul MEANIE
Vessel in underground channel heading off EWER
Wander round surrounded by sheep ROAM
Was inclined to be well educated, though neglecting reading? LEANED
What it's possible to get through when there's difficulty? LOOPHOLE