The Washington Post - May 6 2021

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Clues Answers
'I'm taking that!' YOINK
'Size matters not' Jedi master YODA
'Too Many Rappers' rapper NAS
'Wonderfilled' cookie OREO
'Yeah, I bet!' OHSURE
'__ we go!' HERE
23andMe concern DNA
Actor Vigoda ABE
Apple since 1998 IMAC
Augsburg 'Oh!' ACH
Bag-checking org TSA
Boding disaster DIRE
BOLO cousin APB
Book protector ... and what 17- 24-, 39-, and 53-Across each has DUSTJACKET
Bridge relative for three players DUMMYWHIST
Caiman kin CROC
Casino game KENO
Closed system that includes all life on Earth ECOSPHERE
Comedian Kirkman JEN
Constitution letters USS
Doctor's order? SAYAH
Does' beaux STAGS
Dunn of 'SNL' (1985-'90) NORA
Eject SPEW
Elephantine HUGE
Equinox sunset direction viewed from the equator DUEWEST
Eugene-to-Portland dir NNE
Europe's highest active volcano MOUNTETNA
Everglades bird EGRET
Flying phenom ACE
Food recall cause ECOLI
Gen. Assembly member UNREP
Hawks' home: Abbr ATL
Heat transfer subject? ARMSSALES
Important baseball number NINE
Irish New Ager ENYA
Isaac's eldest ESAU
James of jazz ETTA
Clues Answers
Large number HOST
Leatherwork tool AWL
Like computer innovations, say TECHY
Like-minded group CAMP
Make the same point as ECHO
Malibu, e.g SEDAN
Mideast ruling family name ASSAD
Miso soup base DASHI
MSNBC host Melber ARI
Muse's gift, in modern slang INSPO
NBA All-Star Weekend event, casually DUNKCONTEST
Not about to back ANTI
Nureyev negative NYET
Pakistani tongue URDU
Phil Rizzuto catchphrase HOLYCOW
Places to tie up DOCKS
Radiates EXUDES
Remove entirely ERASE
Replacements SUBS
Scand. land NOR
Sch. found inside hotel suites? LSU
Spenser's 'Epithalamion' and others ODES
Sporty muffler option DUALEXHAUST
Starting point for an Everest ascent TIBET
Substantial storage units TERABYTES
The Smiths, e.g INDIEBAND
They're not from around here, briefly ETS
Treaty of Versailles region ALSACE
Tries to pick up HITSON
TV's Arthur BEA
Tweet symbol HASHTAG
U.S. number-issuing agcy SSA
Unaccompanied ALONE
Union foe SCAB
Use a Singer SEW
When expected ONCUE