- May 6 2021

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Clues Answers
''Go check it out'' job RECON
''I Wandered __ as a Cloud'' (Wordsworth poem) LONELY
''Me neither'' NORI
''No goals yet'' score NIL
''Returning soon'' letters BRB
''That's exciting news!'' OHWOW
''The Maple __ Forever'' (Canadian anthem) LEAF
Acting down MOPING
Actress Neuwirth BEBE
Alphabet ender OMEGA
Anatomical food grabber TALON
Balkans native SLAV
Big name among British builders WREN
Boiling feeling IRE
Bond's boss in ''Skyfall'' DENCH
Box for blasting AMP
Business card abbr TEL
Central part KERNEL
Certain orchard harvest PEARS
Chills in the air NIPS
Coat for snow days PARKA
Common Korean surname LEE
Confucian principle TAO
Construct hastily, with ''up'' RIG
Construction near tents CAMPFIRE
Dean's address ender EDU
Deserving to get it ENTITLED
Disinclined (to) AVERSE
Elementary BASIC
Emailer notification SENT
English horn cousin OBOE
Farm song conclusion EIEIO
Greet while butlering SEEIN
Island east of Java BALI
Knock over UPSET
Lists of bests TOPTENS
Maintains order at a meeting GAVELS
Mean monster OGRE
Mean, in brief AVG
Clues Answers
Meet to eat, maybe DOLUNCH
Merry GAY
Multiple choice choices, at times ABORC
Name meaning ''born again'' RENEE
NBC weekend staple SNL
Neutral slacks shade TAN
Office-inappropriate, for short NSFW
Panhandle state IDAHO
Plea for rescue SOS
Pump-filled furniture AIRBED
Range through seven nations ANDES
Ring master of yore ALI
Rocket trajectory ARC
Scoreboard addition POINT
Seattle's new ''sea monster'' NHL team KRAKEN
Server's order-taking tech IPAD
Significant stretch ERA
Sometimes called AKA
Sort (through) SIFT
Spacesuit logo NASA
Steer to avoid something SWERVE
Stoppers in soccer NETS
Straightens ALIGNS
Three-part prefix TRI
Throwaways after breakfasts MILKCARTONS
Throwaways from chewers GUMWRAPPERS
Throwaways from fruit eaters BANANAPEELS
Throwaways from nut eaters PECANSHELLS
Tolstoy woman ANNA
Touchdown stat ETA
Trust buster LIE
Unburdening EASING
What to wear ATTIRE
Where Gibraltar is IBERIA
Where ink meets paper PENNIB
Wine Train valley NAPA
With, in musical directions CON
You, at the moment SOLVER
__ butter (moisturizer) SHEA