Wall Street Journal - May 6 2021 - Dodgy Figures

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Clues Answers
“1 sec” BRB
“1,000 songs in your pocket” product IPOD
“Fear is the path to the dark side” speaker YODA
“Su-u-ure” IBET
“You’re a riot!” HAHA
Acquire, as a target LOCKONTO
Ad rep’s offering RATECARD
Add a stamp to, old-style ENSEAL
Ankh topper LOOP
Arm bones HUMERI
Aziz of “Master of None” ANSARI
Bad beginning? DIS
Balm target ACHE
Balm targets SORES
Become friendly BUDDYUP
Before, poetically ERE
Brownie, e.g ELF
Chip source SPUD
Cod in the Atlantic, e.g CAPE
Coll. dorm figures RAS
Cotton in Texas, e.g BOWLGAME
Creature in Liberty Mutual commercials EMU
Cruising ONAUTO
Disney character voiced by Idina Menzel ELSA
Display one’s pride BEAM
Dreaded time, for some MONDAY
Extremely enthusiastic GAGA
Fast flight LAM
Financial fraud, and a hint to the circled letters PYRAMIDSCHEME
Flamboyance ECLAT
Former U.N. ambassador Nikki HALEY
Friday’s org LAPD
Giggling at, say AMUSEDBY
Go over thoroughly SCOUR
Golden Globe winner Baron Cohen SACHA
Clues Answers
Gumshoe TEC
His “Marsuppini Coronation” is in the Vatican LIPPI
Hitchcock film that takes place in a Manhattan penthouse ROPE
Holding a higher rank than ABOVE
Honest archetype ABE
In the style of ALA
Lebanon flag feature CEDAR
Like good friends LOYAL
Look favorably on BLESS
Low-minded BASE
Matching SAME
Monitor image BITMAP
Musical adapted from a Fellini film NINE
NFL measures YDS
Nudged along COAXED
Omar’s “Funny Girl” co-star BARBRA
Otherworldly FEY
Overthrew, in a way REVERSED
Phone charger? APPLEPAY
Pioneer in electrodynamics AMPERE
Pistol wielder STARTER
Pond dweller KOI
Prickly seed coverings BURS
Quarter deck? HEARTS
Scooter, e.g MUPPET
Shots from behind the arc TREYS
Showgirl’s accessory BOA
Skewered appetizer SATAY
Slightly ATINGE
Some timer digits LCDS
Squeeze (out) EKE
Subway option HAM
Superior, e.g LAKE
Tranquility REPOSE
Wipes out ERASES
___ good example SETA
___ Mama (rum drink) BAHAMA