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Clues Answers
"Be right there" ONESEC
"Can't, I'm already late" NOTIME
"I'm — loss" ATA
"MacGyver" network CBS
"Now I remember" AHYES
"That's — haven't heard!" ONEI
"Wow, neat!" OHCOOL
Abbr. for a handyperson DIY
ABC a.m. show, for short GMA
Abel, to Eve SON
Accord maker HONDA
Anatomical sacs CYSTS
Auction offer BID
Austin-to-Houston dir ESE
Bar brew ALE
Be a debtor OWE
Be choked by GAGON
Berlin article DAS
Berlin article EIN
Big brown beast seeking handouts of salmon? GRIZZLYBEGGAR
Big icy chunk BERG
Bit of work ERG
Blast from a lighthouse FOGHORN
Brie exposed to heat? SAGGYCHEESE
British islet AIT
Canonized Fr. woman STE
Carpet style SHAG
Cartoon gorilla of 1960s TV MAGILLA
Cellar, in ads BSMT
Children's author Madeleine L'— ENGLE
Chopped down AXED
City in central Florida OCALA
Coffee flavor MOCHA
Cooing bird wearing fancy duds? PIGEONTOGGED
Cotillion gal DEB
Cpl.'s boss SGT
Cultural exhibition hall ARTSALON
Dancing woman's moves? FEMININEWIGGLES
Dark film style NOIR
Diminish FADE
Dir. opposite 51-Down WNW
Disappear as if by magic GOPOOF
Discontinues ENDS
Disparity in work pay WAGEGAP
Division: Abbr SEG
Doc treating sinusitis ENT
Due to wagering ONABET
Effortless EASY
Encl. with a manuscript SASE
Equipping a ranch with light, horse-drawn vehicles? BUGGYINGTHEFARM
Errand runners GOFERS
Eta-iota link THETA
Expectant father DADTOBE
Faux — (slip) PAS
Fed. agents GMEN
Fed. loan agency SBA
Filled cookies OREOS
Fore and — AFT
Forest cats OCELOTS
Furrier John Jacob — ASTOR
Gets married again REWEDS
Gets mature AGES
GIs' force ARMY
Good egg rating GRADEA
Goose flocks making people chuckle? GAGGLESOFLAUGHTER
Gp. patrolling shores USCG
Greek Muse of astronomy URANIA
Greenish-blue colors CYANS
Heart chart, in brief ECG
Heroic American spy's petty bargaining? NATHANHAGGLE
Homer Simpson cry DOH
Impersonated APED
Clues Answers
Increase RISE
Indigo, e.g DYE
Info to input DATA
Inuit dwelling IGLOO
Israeli weapon UZI
Italian sports car MASERATI
Itty-bitty TEENY
Knights, e.g SIRS
Kobe sash OBI
Latin I verb ESSE
Lions, 49ers or Steelers NFLTEAM
Look intently GAZE
Love-letter "hugs" OOO
Lyric poem ODE
Makes accursed DAMNS
Mauna — LOA
Merely OK SOSO
Money, informally MOOLAH
Months before Octs SEPTS
Most ogreish MEANEST
Neighbor of Colombia PANAMA
On the — (hiding out) LAM
Overhaul REDO
Pet collar attachment IDTAG
Playa — Rey DEL
Playmate for Spot FIDO
Police vehicle RADIOCAR
Port in Iraq BASRA
Positive vote YEA
Pre-Q queue MNOP
Prefix with chic or tourist ECO
Prez Lincoln ABE
Qatari capital DOHA
Question about one's relentless following skills? HOWAMIDOGGING
Reagan-era scandal IRANGATE
Refused the request SAIDNO
Rock singer Nugent TED
Royal daughter who always moves with short, quick motions? PRINCESSOFWAGGLES
Safe sword EPEE
Santa — winds ANA
Saturated WET
Scampi food SHRIMP
Scarlett of Tara OHARA
Sch. in the Nutmeg State UCONN
Sci-fi vehicles UFOS
Silver-haired GRAY
Sing like Ella SCAT
Ski resort in S. Vermont MTSNOW
Sport- — (off-roader) UTE
Steak or ham MEAT
Suffix with event or context UAL
Suppressed SATON
Take way too much of, for short ODON
That lady HER
The — and the Papas MAMAS
Thinks alike AGREES
Tire marks TREADS
Tooth doctor's org ADA
Top Olympic medal GOLD
U.S. "Ltd." INC
Very learned ERUDITE
Way to pack fresh fish INICE
Wholly ALL
Whopper dropped in water? SOGGYBURGER
Wipe RUB
Without assurance of payment ONSPEC
Wove rattan into CANED
— -AFTRA (showbiz union) SAG
— about (around) ONOR
— and Noble BARNES
— Claire (magazine) MARIE
— long way GOA
— Na Na SHA