USA Today - Jun 3 2021

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Clues Answers
'All good, thanks!' IMSET
'Buffy' spinoff ANGEL
'Gross!' EWW
'Hurrah!' YAY
'Same ___' (2012 hit) LOVE
'So cool!' OOH
'The caveman diet' PALEO
'The way I see it . . .' TOME
'To be specific . . .' NAMELY
'When They ___ Us' SEE
'___ Want for Christmas Is You' ALLI
Accompaniment for veggies, maybe CHEESEDIP
Anderson Cooper's channel CNN
Assignments for track runners LANES
Bamboo-eating bear PANDA
Biblical garden EDEN
Birds with a 'snowy' variety OWLS
Boatload SLEW
Brief confession IDID
Cause for a food recall ECOLI
Close by NEAR
Completely out of ideas ATWITSEND
Composer Cole PORTER
Dark wood EBONY
Disruptive audience sound COUGH
Fabric that becomes a coloring stick when a 'c' is added to the front RAYON
Fishing spots PIERS
For some time AWHILE
Foreboding sign OMEN
Friendly WARM
Graceful birds SWANS
Graffiti artist's 'brushes' SPRAYCANS
Grumpy Cat, e.g MEME
H.S. diploma alternative GED
High-quality steak TBONE
Items that may say 'theirs' and 'hers' TOWELS
Itty-bitty TINY
LeAnn Rimes song on the 'Con Air' soundtrack HOWDOILIVE
Clues Answers
Lengthy attack SIEGE
Letter before beta ALPHA
Like the clue 'Wife's partner' for the word 'husband' HETERONORMATIVE
Megan ___ Stallion THEE
Name hidden in 'soloists' LOIS
Ncuti Gatwa's 'Sex Education' role ERIC
Network for seasons 1-8 of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' LOGO
Newspaper column with a hot take, maybe OPED
Not even ODD
Object THING
Otterhound, e.g DOG
Ouija board answer, maybe YES
Passion HEAT
Pick on TEASE
Pickleball dividers NETS
Place to get a whitefish platter DELI
Place to make a sculpture ARTSTUDIO
Poetry event SLAM
Quiche ingredients EGGS
Rescues SAVES
Sadness WOE
Seats facing an altar PEWS
Severity RIGOR
Snap, Crackle and Pop, e.g ELVES
Soup paste MISO
Soup with rice noodles PHO
Speak hoarsely RASP
Spider-___ AKA Peter Porker HAM
Spinning a yarn LYING
Teensy WEE
Tennis player's hat VISOR
The Ruth Benedict Prize, e.g AWARD
Twitch streamer's annoyance LAG
Vaulter's tool POLE
Waikiki ___ Jam (annual food festival) SPAM
Way to travel faster than light, in sci-fi HYPERDRIVE
___/her/hers SHE