Universal - Oct 18 2001

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Clues Answers
"9 to 5" singer DOLLY
"Come up and ____ sometime" SEEME
"Wall Street" director STONE
''... man ___ mouse?'' ORA
''A Perfect Spy'' novelist John le ___ CARRE
''Bingo ___ Yale'' (Porter song) ELI
''Buona ___'' (Italian greeting) SERA
''Do the Right Thing'' pizzeria owner SAL
''John Brown's Body'' poet BENET
''Right now!'' PRONTO
''Star Wars'' role OBIWAN
''The Last King of Scotland'' setting UGANDA
''You've gotta be kidding!'' OHNO
''___ Lazy River'' UPA
''___ on down the road'' EASE
1,101 in old Rome MCI
18-wheeler, e.g. RIG
A grade above SENIOR
A place for the bus STOP
Absolutely reliable GOODASGOLD
Absolutely reliable GOODASGOLD
Actor Deluise DOM
Allow LET
Ancestors of CDs LPS
Arrears DEBTS
At the summit ATOP
Author Hubbard LRON
Author Joyce Carol OATES
Bangers of a Brit's breakfast SAUSAGES
Beach birds ERNES
Board game square START
Causes ennui BORES
Censoring sounds BLEEPS
Chart topper BESTSELLER
Cold War treaty SALT
Collection of poems EPOS
Comic Johnson ARTE
Concorde, notably SST
Confirming phrase SOBEIT
Conk out FAIL
Covert WWII org. OSS
Creaks and squeaks NOISES
Curry favor ENDEAR
Dig deep MINE
Displayed baserunning skills SLID
Dropped fly, e.g. ERROR
Duties performed SERVICES
Early release PAROLE
Early stages ONSET
Encouraging type ROOTER
Enter into conflict ENGAGE
Evening reception SOIREE
Eye covers LIDS
Far or Middle EAST
Far-reaching views VISTAS
Father SIRE
Field of operation SPHERE
Fly or worm, on occasion LURE
Fodder structure SILO
Freedom from hardship EASE
Fruit-bearing tree LIME
Gaelic ERSE
German city TRIER
Gets on the nerves of IRKS
Goes no further ENDS
Grandma, informally NANA
Greek colonnades STOAS
Gridiron increments YARDS
Grins from ear to ear BEAMS
Hawaiian dishes POIS
High-ranking NCO MSGT
Highlight of 29 down ARIA
How-___ (book genre) TOS
Humidor fill STOGIES
Ike Turners gal TINA
Clues Answers
Indian clans TRIBES
Insolent act SASS
Internet letters WWW
It may be on a bulletin board TACK
Journey stage LEG
Just right APT
Khartoum locale SUDAN
Knock off STEAL
Kukla and Frans friend OLLIE
Landed ALIT
Learned one SAVANT
Like Mary's lamb's fleece WHITEASSNOW
Longshoremen do this LADE
Louver SLAT
Madras wraps SARIS
Mail delivery org. USPS
Mailed out SENT
Make amends, in a way REPAY
Make-double connector ITA
Mama bear, in Madrid OSA
Many times OFT
Martial Artist of film SEAGAL
Morally despicable ROTTEN
Mounted the soapbox ORATED
Musical drama OPERA
Name of two Presidents ADAMS
Oliver's co-star STAN
One of a knight's arms LANCE
One's pretext PLEA
Original Amendments count TEN
Originated AROSE
Outspoken OPEN
Part of a ready trio ABLE
Pass the bill ENACT
Pelting tempests HAILSTORMS
Pick up the bill TREAT
Pie topping MERINGUE
Pigeon shelters COTES
Piggery STY
Plenty GOBS
Pointed a finger at BLAMED
Presidents pledge OATH
Protected, in a way ALEE
Quibble ARGUE
Resistor ratings OHMS
Rib structure CAGE
Santa ___, Calif. ANA
School established in 1440 ETON
Scrap for Odie ORT
Seed coverings HULLS
Semester TERM
She , in Rome ESSA
Shore platforms PIERS
Singular invention BETTERMOUSETRAP
Some are prime RIBS
Successor to bad? WORSE
Swiss river into the Rhine AAR
Swoopes' gp. WNBA
Sympathize with RELATE
They play in all the big games ATHLETES
They're found in a flight STAIRS
They're in Toyland BABES
Thick serving SLAB
Time zone letters DST
Tina Turner portrayer Bassett ANGELA
United Service org. YMCA
Watched a wee one SAT
Watering at the mouth AGOG
Wavy lines, in comics ODOR
What makes one tick MOTIVATION
Where one makes the grade CLASS
Wide awake ALERT
Wise folks SAGES
Work from Lichtenstein POPART
___-cone (summer treat) SNO