The Washington Post - May 5 2021

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Clues Answers
'I'm thinkin' no' UHUH
'Mean Girls' star Lindsay LOHAN
'The Rookie' network ABC
'The Sweetest Taboo' singer SADE
'Until next time' ADIOS
'What baloney!' MYEYE
'Yay me!' IRULE
*Broadcast medium for major U.S. sporting events NATIONALTV
*Field trip transport CHARTERBUS
*Request at a mom-and-pop store, maybe CASHPAYMENT
21st Greek letter PHI
Adrienne Rich work, e.g POEM
Adversary ENEMY
African snake ASP
Airport near Puget Sound, for short SEATAC
Align, as two signals SYNCUP
Arachnophobe's nightmare TARANTULA
Bigfoot in photos, e.g BLUR
Brazilian port city SANTOS
Butcher's stock MEAT
Button-shaped candies MANDMS
Cartoon frame CEL
Chanel rival DIOR
Comic strip landmass with a single palm tree ISLET
Common prom expenditure RENTALTUX
Dave honored with a Mark Twain Prize in 2019 CHAPPELLE
Developer's unit ACRE
DIY moving option UHAUL
Down in one go CHUG
Early ... or where the answers to the starred clues' ending words can be found AHEADOFSCHEDULE
Element #5 BORON
Fall in line OBEY
Fertility lab cells OVA
Feudal laborer SERF
First in a line of Russian princes IVANI
Gymnast Raisman ALY
Have a go at TRY
Clues Answers
Indiana neighbor OHIO
Investment option: Abbr IRA
Issa of 'The Lovebirds' RAE
Laughs loudly ROARS
Lauren of fashion RALPH
Leadership after some coups JUNTA
Like some candy bar flavors NUTTY
Medicated DOSED
Microfilm unit FICHE
Novelist Émile ZOLA
Opening on Broadway ACTI
Organization that keeps 'purr'-ps off the street? CATRESCUE
Pastina relative ORZO
Pastoral plaints BAAS
PC shortcut key CTRL
Penguin-hunting swimmer ORCA
Puppy or kitten PET
Racy message SEXT
Raison d'__ ETRE
Right direction? EAST
School gps PTAS
See 36-Down KABOB
Seller of Souls KIA
Shade thrower HATER
Skin care brand NIVEA
Sleep letters REM
Takes advantage of USES
Teacher with a class of one TUTOR
Test for purity ASSAY
TSA checkpoint container BIN
Two-yr. degrees AAS
Utah ski resort ALTA
Valuable oil, say ART
Very hot IRATE
Victorious ONTOP
Wife of Jupiter JUNO
With 51-Down, skewered Middle Eastern dish SHISH
Wound covers SCABS