New York Times - May 4 2021

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Clues Answers
'Am not!' comeback ARETOO
'La Bohème,' for one OPERA
'Likewise' SAME
'Punk rock's moody younger sibling,' per Rolling Stone EMO
'The Addams Family' cousin ITT
'The Hunchback of ___ Dame' NOTRE
'___ Frozen Adventure' (2017 Disney film) OLAFS
... phi, chi, ___, omega PSI
1,000 of them equal a kilo GRAMS
1990s fitness fad TAEBO
Affirmative YES
Annual celebration, for short BDAY
Bank takeback, for short REPO
Big event for high school seniors PROM
Big name in vapes JUUL
Bit of basil SPRIG
Bit of Special Forces headwear BERET
Brunch dish OMELET
Bursting at the ___ SEAMS
Candy with an insulting name #1 GOOBERS
Candy with an insulting name #2 AIRHEADS
Candy with an insulting name #3 BUTTERFINGERS
Candy with an insulting name #4 SLOPOKES
Candy with an insulting name #5 DUMDUMS
Connection TIEIN
Crafty online marketplace ETSY
Crew neck or V-neck TEE
Debtor's letters IOU
Entertain with a story REGALE
Enthralled RAPT
Ernie's partner on TV BERT
Exasperated cry ENOUGH
Fit on a hard drive? ROADRAGE
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Green layer on the Statue of Liberty PATINA
Hubbubs ADOS
Italian luxury cars, familiarly ALFAS
Clues Answers
Jam container JAR
Karate schools DOJOS
Lamp dweller GENIE
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Leviathan HUGE
Lip lotion BALM
Little bird of mine? CANARY
Mary-Kate and Ashley OLSENS
Mine and yours OURS
Music and theater ARTS
One in a stack for an English teacher to grade ESSAY
One with a golden touch MIDAS
Peak viewable from Tokyo on a clear day FUJI
Person who appreciates a walk in the woods, say NATURIST
Philly ivy UPENN
Pilot's announcement, for short ETA
Prefix with center EPI
Prefix with sexual PAN
Profession of the protagonist Stevens in Ishiguro's 'The Remains of the Day' BUTLER
Seals, to great white sharks PREY
Shaggy hairdo MOPTOP
Something that disappears in a chemistry experiment SOLUTE
Sticky spot? NEST
Still in its original packaging UNOPENED
Stuck on a stake IMPALED
Stuffy atmosphere STALEAIR
Swarm (with) TEEM
Symbol of ownership KEY
Terrier's sound ARF
The Spartans of the Big Ten, in brief MSU
Traveled in a parabola ARCED
Watched EYED
What coaches on star-laden teams must handle EGOS
Wrestling duo TAGTEAM
Wrigley's product GUM
___ d'oeuvres HORS
___ PreCheck TSA