Wall Street Journal - May 4 2021 - Against All Odds

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Clues Answers
“And...why should I care?” OKSO
Already BYNOW
Angry look GLARE
Aromatherapy provider SPA
Broadway’s “Dear ___ Hansen” EVAN
Burrito garnish SALSA
Cambridge sch MIT
Capital on Honshu TOKYO
Chipmunk’s snack ACORN
Choreographed move STEP
Clothing brand popular with skateboarders NOFEAR
Colorful salamander NEWT
Consent ACCEDE
Covent Garden performance OPERA
Creative endeavors ARTS
Dairy-free spread OLEO
Dash off, say WRITE
Deal with SEETO
Depth of character LAYERS
Disagreeable state FOULTEMPER
Disney pirate with a red cap SMEE
Doctors Without Borders, for one: Abbr NGO
Enjoy some me time, say RELAX
Five-star reviews RAVES
Flying-related prefix AERO
Fox foot PAW
Goes gaga for ADORES
Green stones JADES
Had a row? OARED
Have no profit or loss, and a hint to the circled letters BREAKEVEN
Humiliate DEMEAN
Hummus dipper PITA
In the slightest degree REMOTELY
Indomitable spirit GRIT
Ingredient in a margarita SWEETANDSOURMIX
It may be mined or crunched DATA
Its root yields poi TARO
Clues Answers
Kidded (around) JOKED
Letter before iota THETA
Like some Chardonnays OAKY
Lingering smells ODORS
Make a cameo, e.g CARVE
Mamoru Oshii’s “Ghost in the Shell,” e.g ANIME
Manipulative fellow USER
Maryland team, familiarly TERPS
Metrosexual’s accessory MANPURSE
Minute Maid Park player ASTRO
Missing “Taps,” say AWOL
Nerve cell part AXON
One in a snowball fight PELTER
Org. in some Cold War spy novels KGB
Org.’s kin ASSN
Outdoors, in a script: Abbr EXT
Perfume advertised as “the forbidden fragrance” TABU
Powerful engine TWINTURBO
Protection while cooking APRON
Randy Jackson catchword DAWG
Red-faced, perhaps SHAMED
Salon offering NEWDO
Scat singer Laine CLEO
Scotch flavorer PEAT
Shipbuilder’s wood TEAK
Some servers IBMS
Some strange sightings UFOS
Stingy CHEAP
Stratagems PLOYS
Stratford-___-Avon UPON
Tennis star Nastase ILIE
Ukrainian port ODESSA
Ward off DETER
Was aware KNEW
What the exhausted crave EARLYNIGHT
Words before loss or glance ATA
___-Lay (snack brand) FRITO