- May 3 2021

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Clues Answers
''A likely story!'' IBET
''I'll leave it up to __'' YOU
''Personal'' top scores BESTS
''Star Wars'' princess LEIA
''Wherefore art __ Romeo?'' THOU
''Wizard of Oz'' dog TOTO
24-hr. cash sources ATMS
A Great Lake ERIE
Amused immensely SLAYED
At that time THEN
Attempt to get GOFOR
Auto fuel GAS
Bottom of a shoe SOLE
Brass or bronze ALLOY
British nobleman above an earl DUKE
Chicago airport OHARE
Curved doorway ARCH
Deadens with anesthetic NUMBS
Easier said __ done THAN
Elongated circle OVAL
Emblem ''of approval'' SEAL
Eve's second son ABEL
Fan club's hero IDOL
Fellows MEN
Fencing thrust LUNGE
Fine wool fabric ANGORA
Flash of lightning BOLT
Football great Marino DAN
Football officials, for short REFS
Fortune-teller SEER
Game show hosts EMCEES
Gender SEX
Group of pro sports teams LEAGUE
Hardly __ (rarely) EVER
Historical periods ERAS
Impartial FAIR
In the vicinity NEAR
Italy's capital, to natives ROMA
Knives' sharp parts EDGES
Clues Answers
Luxury watch brand ROLEX
Make more durable STRENGTHEN
Many, many years EONS
Military level of authority RANK
Nut in Southern pies PECAN
Office buildings or bridges STRUCTURES
Overtakes on the road PASSES
Pass-the-baton race RELAY
Performer in a play ACTOR
Picnic invaders ANTS
Piece of bacon STRIP
Pressed a doorbell RANG
Red ice-cream flavor STRAWBERRY
Remote place to ''worship from'' AFAR
Retail shop MART
Roll-call ''no'' vote NAY
San Antonio shrine to ''remember'' ALAMO
Scarlett of ''Gone With the Wind'' OHARA
Sentry's ''Stop!'' order HALT
Sharp point on a farm fence BARB
Skim through books in a bookstore BROWSE
Sofa-leg wheel CASTER
Soft French cheese BRIE
Sound of a dull impact THUD
Strong craving URGE
Take a crack __ (make an attempt) ATIT
Thickly packed DENSE
Tightly stretched TAUT
Tiny amount MITE
Tried out TESTED
Uncool one NERD
Untrue NOTSO
Unusual knickknack CURIO
Vatican language LATIN
Very uncommon RARE
Wear away ERODE
Well-fortified fort STRONGHOLD
West Point student CADET
__ colada cocktail PINA