Wall Street Journal - May 3 2021 - Shift Key

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Clues Answers
“Holy cow!” MAN
“Tomorrow” musical ANNIE
“___ moment too soon!” NOTA
2020 presidential candidate Andrew YANG
Addition column TENS
Ailment MALADY
Ambient music’s Brian ENO
Annoyance at checkout LINE
As an example FORONE
Beautiful boy loved by Aphrodite ADONIS
Beside ALONG
Blowing one’s stack LOSINGIT
British rock’s Jethro ___ TULL
Bro’s sibling SIS
Brought up REARED
Buffer between Federation and Romulan space NEUTRALZONE
Burdens ONUSES
California rolls and the like SUSHI
Cambodia’s continent ASIA
Catch sight of ESPY
Close bud, for short BFF
Composer’s creation SUITE
Conclude END
Criticize by hindsight, say SECONDGUESS
Decide with a show of hands, say VOTEON
Deep singer BASS
Denial in Dijon NON
Did some housekeeping TIDIED
Diner dessert PIE
Drill command used for solemn occasions REVERSEARMS
Drooping SAGGY
Florida governor DeSantis RON
Friend of Jerry and George, on “Seinfeld” ELAINE
Further forward AHEAD
Give approval ASSENT
Had lunch ATE
Having a low pH value ACIDIC
Clues Answers
Herr’s wife FRAU
Historical stretches ERAS
Imitated Eminem RAPPED
In the raw NUDE
Keats work ODE
Lair for a lion DEN
Magnate Musk ELON
Melber of MSNBC ARI
No-no in some diets FAT
Olfactory input ODOR
Orchestra’s concertmaster FIRSTVIOLIN
Osceola’s tribe SEMINOLE
Parched DRY
Past, present and future TENSES
Pester incessantly NAG
Poe’s middle name ALLAN
Point a finger at ACCUSE
Popular BBC show, and a hint to 3-, 8-, 24- and 26-Down TOPGEAR
Removes rinds from PARES
Requiring a lot of attention NEEDY
Requiring immediate attention URGENT
Resort city of southwestern Florida SARASOTA
Scheme PLAN
Seasonal visitor SANTA
Sgt. or cpl NCO
Skirt-making aid PATTERN
Spots for snorkelers LAGOONS
Strap for a stallion REIN
Tears down RAZES
Televising another time REAIRING
Transmit SEND
Unsatisfying game outcome TIE
Untamed SAVAGE
Ward of TV’s “FBI” SELA
Warm spot for a sleeping cat SILL
Wedding words IDO