Family Time - May 3 2021

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Clues Answers
"I'll trade this ___ buck" (2 words) FORA
"Remain right there," to a dog STAY
"Roseanne" character DAN
"___ be better if ..." ITD
A few common laughs HAHAS
Archipelago makeup ISLES
Bad day for Caesar IDES
Become man and wife WED
Big thing to haul on stage AMP
Broad-minded TOLERANT
Bronzes caused by the sun TANS
Camouflaged communication type CODE
Cherry or tomato type or description RED
Classic Christmas gift up north SCARF
Completely finished OVER
Crushed everyone else WON
Cutting remark BARB
Dessert preceder ENTREE
Does a police officer's job PATROLS
Doesn't sink, as an apple BOBS
Ever so many (2 words) ALOT
Exist LIVE
Fake butter OLEO
Famously fiddling emperor NERO
Ferry, wherry or dinghy BOAT
Flightless creature from Australia EMU
Folder extensions TABS
Folktales, etc LORE
Globe or sphere ORB
Having no need to diet SLIM
Health food store offering TOFU
Important thing for fluid communication? INK
Clues Answers
It can be quite cloudy SKY
Land unit ACRE
Lapped in a race (2 words) RANBY
Length x width calculation AREA
Less formal "Beg pardon?" HUH
Like some elections MIDTERM
Matching collectibles SET
Mate created for Adam EVE
Mine entrance ADIT
Perfect places UTOPIAS
Put a coin in a slot, say INSERT
Soccer official, for short REF
Some things to ride up north SLEDS
Speed indication abbr MPH
Spoken out loud ORAL
Star that goes boom NOVA
Stop playing REST
Streamlined, as a sports car SLEEK
Summer getaway spot (2 words) AMUSEMENTPARK
Tell the truth? Not quite LIE
Three, to a card player TREY
Title for one leaving the altar MRS
Tow, way south? DOS
Trash can emanation ODOR
Type of 11-Down HAM
Type of whale ORCA
Unburdened RID
Uncharged particle NEUTRON
Uses crosshairs AIMS
Veal cutlets and rump roast MEAT
With the most lather SOAPIEST
Word before "Marino" or "Andreas" SAN