Family Time - May 2 2021

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Clues Answers
"... walked ___ the stage" ONTO
"For ___ a jolly good fellow" HES
"Help" signal at sea SOS
"Hey, wait just a ___!" SEC
"That makes ___ of sense" (2 words) ALOT
"These ___ just what I wanted!" ARE
"Well, ___ about time!" ITS
'80s TV's "___-Team" (2 words) THEA
Auto plate TAG
Bald spot concealers HATS
Big ones often clash EGOS
Big-time jeans maker LEE
Bit of truth FACT
Blueprint item SPEC
Cape Cod trap (2 words) LOBSTERPOT
Closet floor item SHOE
Decays, as wood ROTS
Did 85 in a 55 SPED
Dove's beautiful sound COO
Enjoy the rink SKATE
Espionage grp CIA
Fancy pitcher EWER
Fast-food option (2 words) TOGO
Father's and Mother's, for two DAYS
Fuzzy green fruit KIWI
Gibbons, for example APES
Goes without eating FASTS
Guys' opposites GALS
Happy Meal goody TOY
High-tech surgery tools LASERS
Horn material BRASS
Informal "mothers" MAS
Clues Answers
Invest in, as a racehorse (2 words) BETON
Is disruptive at 2 a.m SNORES
Lawn-making piece SOD
Make a miscue ERR
Male offspring SONS
Marco Polo crossed it ASIA
Move goods off shelves SELL
Network headquartered in London BBC
Not colorful at all DRAB
Oil and syrup source CORN
Pesos, dollars and euros (2 words) MONETARYUNITS
Pie ___ mode (2 words) ALA
Place between Molokai and Kauai OAHU
Place for ewe to graze LEA
Pleasant NICE
Plumbing fixtures PIPES
Popular cookie OREO
Send forcefully outward EMIT
Show to the crowd DISPLAY
Singing "club" GLEE
Sketchy class? ART
Sky-high mountain peak ALP
Sound coming from a barn MOO
Takes breaks RESTS
They're to dye for (2 words) EASTEREGGS
Tint or color property HUE
Tiny amount IOTA
Type of rug with long strands SHAG
Volcanic eruption stuff ASH
Wagga Wagga citizens, informally AUSSIES
Was afflicted with HAD
What to say with a tongue depressor in your mouth AAH