- May 2 2021

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Clues Answers
''An eye for an eye,'' but . . TURNTHEOTHERCHEEK
''Better to be safe than sorry,'' but . . FORTUNEFAVORSTHEBRAVE
''Birds of a feather flock together,'' but . . OPPOSITESATTRACT
''Everything in moderation,'' but . . THEMORETHEMERRIER
''Frozen'' reindeer SVEN
''Idol'' champ Taylor __ HICKS
''Iliad'' byline HOMER
''Knowledge is power,'' but . . IGNORANCEISBLISS
''Picnic'' playwright INGE
''__ we having fun yet?'' ARE
17th state OHIO
Actress Catherine __-Jones ZETA
Applicant's goal OFFER
Arrival announcement IMHERE
As early as possible SOONEST
Associates (with) HOBNOBS
Attention-getter AHEM
Barrier to entry DOOR
Best imaginable IDEAL
Birch relative ALDER
Bird on some dollars LOON
Boarding place STOP
Bona fide VALID
Book after Matthew MARK
Butter squares PATS
Buttercup kin PEONY
Capital on the Hudson ALBANY
Casual conversation CHAT
Change the subject DROPIT
Chicken __ king ALA
Choir section ALTOS
Come by honestly EARN
Counterfeit PHONY
Court dockets CALENDARS
Defence Ministry concern RAF
Desktop image ICON
Dreadful LOUSY
Drove (out) ROUSTED
Dust speck MOTE
Emerged AROSE
Ending like -ule ETTE
ESPN's Arthur __ Courage Award ASHE
Express a view OPINE
Fables byline AESOP
Farsi speaker IRANIAN
Fills the tank FUELS
Fine rain MIST
Fish that swims upright SEAHORSE
Garden perennial IRIS
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Garth Brooks' hometown TULSA
Gas sealed in tubes NEON
Get too personal PRY
Golf starting point TEE
Greek cuisine staple FETA
Greek peace goddess IRENE
He drove Tandy's Miss Daisy FREEMAN
Hens and mares SHES
Highest level allowed CAP
Intensely competitive FIERCE
It means ''averse to'' ANTI
Jazz singer Vaughan SARAH
Land south of Turkey SYRIA
Landline or mobile PHONE
Largest North African city CAIRO
Legendary buccaneer KIDD
Lend a hand HELP
Lend a hand AID
Less outgoing SHIER
Long-established OLD
Loved ones DEARS
Low digit TOE
Maestro Ozawa SEIJI
Clues Answers
Major disorder CHAOS
Manila money PESOS
Many names of hair salons PUNS
Marvel horned-hat wearer THOR
Masters' middle name LEE
Maximally corny HOKIEST
Maximum effort ALL
Meat in a Cuban sandwich HAM
Mentally adept SMART
Minor quibbles NITS
Misbehaves, with ''up'' ACTS
Mississippi River explorer DESOTO
Much worse than a smash FLOP
New Haven student YALIE
NFL successes TDS
Nuance of color HUE
Olay alternative AVON
One, in Peru and Palermo UNO
Opposite of ''non'' OUI
Owned by us OURS
Pair of propellers OARS
Picnicked, say ATE
Place to sleep on a sub BUNK
Pope during WWII PIUS
Prefix for space AERO
Prom partner ESCORT
Protagonist HERO
Quaint college cry RAH
Quarterback great Favre BRETT
Quick car ride SPIN
Quits clamming up TALKS
Raggedy doll ANN
Rations, for instance MEALS
Read quickly SCAN
Relaxes EASES
Religious spinoffs SECTS
Repeat, as a sentiment ECHO
Ridesharing service UBER
Rooster on a rooftop VANE
San __ Obispo, CA LUIS
Sch. in Stillwater OSU
Second-smallest continent EUROPE
Selling centers SHOPS
Sentimiento romántico AMOR
Series segments EPISODES
Shakespearean soldier OTHELLO
Significant stretch ERA
Similar AKIN
Social activities DATES
Some Wharton grads MBAS
Something to lend a hand HINT
Sorority letter RHO
Spa service PEEL
Sphere of interest AREA
Sushi eggs ROE
Terse written summons SEEME
Texting icon EMOJI
Tortious material LIBEL
Twain's first name SAMUEL
Unruly hair MOPS
Urban district ZONE
VA winter setting EST
Venue for discussion FORUM
Very long period EON
Web address URL
What new drivers must learn SYMBOLS
Whom a French dessert is named for BONAPARTE
Word on Irish euros EIRE
Workforce STAFF
Works on the wall ART
Wound up, or wound down ENDED
__ Romeo (Italian auto) ALFA
__ Royal Highness HER