Universal - May 1 2021

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Clues Answers
"A penny for your thoughts," for one IDIOM
"Et tu, ___?" BRUTE
"I will be even with thee, ___ it not" (Cleopatra) DOUBT
"Right away!" ASAP
"Thank you, monsieur" MERCI
"That sounds nice!" IDLIKETO
"Umbrella" singer, to fans RIRI
"You agree?," in memes AMIRITE
Afflictions ILLS
Alley-___ OOP
Anatomy chart components, or what 20-, 25- and 43-Across have? INTERNALORGANS
Apple picker, perhaps? (... 5 to 10) COMPUTERUSER
Awards for Alex Morgan and Venus Williams ESPYS
Barked, cutesily ARFED
Bread nutrients, informally CARBS
Builders of Peru's Sun Gate INCAS
Cheese in red wax EDAM
Convened MET
Cosmetics brand MAC
Dance move popularized by Cam Newton DAB
Diva's performance ARIA
Diva's performance OPERA
DJs' jobs GIGS
English title for an Ovid series about romance (... 2 to 6) THEARTOFLOVE
Face cards? IDS
Fannie ___ MAE
Flaky mineral MICA
Former Julia Louis-Dreyfus political satire VEEP
German cry ACH
Government health coverage option (see letters 3 to 7 in this answer) COBRAINSURANCE
Have a taste of TRY
He drives Bart and Lisa to school OTTO
Large-scale EPIC
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Little bit of matter ATOM
Makes off with a valuable painting, say ABSCONDS
Clues Answers
Musical based on "8 1/2" NINE
Nonstop ONEND
Office note MEMO
One living in a fantasy world DREAMER
Palindromic time of day NOON
Part of a musical SONG
Peter of "Casablanca" LORRE
Phone no TEL
Prefix for "soft" or "solid" SEMI
Query ASK
Response to a truly bad joke CRINGE
Romantic affair, in Rouen AMOUR
Schuster's partner SIMON
Screw up ERR
Sensitive spots SORES
Singer/actress ___ J. Blige MARY
Smidgen TAD
Sorcerer MAGE
Sound system STEREO
Sounding stuffy NASAL
Spot for a famous couples' cruise? ARK
Statues' trunks TORSOS
T, on a sorority house TAU
Tablet on a nightstand, maybe IPAD
Take the spotlight from UPSTAGE
Took badly? STOLE
Tree knot GNARL
Weather woe whose title has a tilde ELNINO
Winks or waves SIGNALS
Word after "steam" or "pump" IRON
Words from one who's unwell IMSICK
Work from a folder? ORIGAMI
Wriggly fish EEL
You may get down on one KNEE
___ choy BOK