The Washington Post - May 1 2021

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Clues Answers
'A Sorta Fairytale' singer Tori AMOS
'Wish me luck!' HEREIGO
1960s girl group named for its lead singer RONETTES
Amount that's sometimes larger than it sounds MODESTFEE
Aptly named giant in surfing sportswear RIPCURL
Associates UNITES
Benedict Cumberbatch superhero role, casually DRSTRANGE
Beneficiaries of exercises called Russian twists ABS
Bobs and weaves DOS
Botanical garden adjective LUSH
Broke 100, maybe RANAFEVER
Carnival offering CRUISE
Collectible Camaro IROC
Compose, perhaps PEN
Composer Bruckner ANTON
Crack TRY
Dental facade VENEER
Emerge from the wings ENTER
Fairy tale ball arrivals CARRIAGES
Family feuds VENDETTAS
Florida harvest ORANGES
Framing piece JAMB
Gloomy looks LONGFACES
Group that includes Chevron and BP BIGOIL
Inflatable emergency transports LIFERAFTS
It was initially dubbed 'Clinton's Big Ditch' by its critics ERIECANAL
Jah worshipers RASTAS
Clues Answers
Just below par ONEUNDER
Like some romantic dinners CANDLELIT
Like some serious accidents NEARFATAL
Mess up ERR
One getting checks for quarters LESSOR
Opts for another tour REUPS
Org. with Behavior Detection Officers TSA
Places to see small, colorful trucks SANDBOXES
Possible result of not knowing when to stop? REARENDER
Racked up cellphone charges, perhaps ROAMED
Resolved, in a way SETTLED
Result of a certain property payment delinquency TAXSALE
Shoddily attached, usually TAPEDON
Slowly comes through SEEPSIN
Sonic boom creator? SEGA
Spotted SEEN
Stabilize, with 'off' LEVEL
Took part in an ugly campaign SMEARED
Traveler's reference MAP
Viagra alternative LEVITRA
What poor instructions make NOSENSE
Wood stove successors GASRANGES
Worker with many questions POLLER
Writing letters, some say LOSTART
__ burger BISON
__ Kelly, woman with the most lifetime 'Jeopardy!' winnings LARISSA
__ vivant BON