The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,635 - Apr 29 2021

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Clues Answers
A line and leads found tangled, delivering shock? ALLOFASUDDEN
Airborne soldier invested in suitable American kit APPARATUS
British writer with lines depicting forests etc GREENERY
Charge that is running into furthest tip of silver sword RAPIER
Exclusive location on course invaded by river plant PLUMTREE
Fake news securing 1000 responses on website? LIKES
Funny black stuff coating item used by stand-up? COMICAL
Historic release during proceedings upset the ancient court OLDBAILEY
Kitchen implement in brass, with a lot of glass SAUCEPAN
Language making you gloomy? Not half LINGO
Live recording disheartened composer BERG
Looks at feathers in preparation for game? EYESDOWN
One oversees the correct placing of landings between flights CONTROLTOWER
Possibly quick source of discomfort BEDOFNAILS
Clues Answers
Poverty line finally pinned down in revolutionary study NEED
Proposing to offer no sign of gratitude for jewellery BLING
Put on the radio, say, man on the radio offers news from overseas AIRMAIL
Puzzle? Happen to get inspiration BEMUSE
Quiet geese disturbed with interruption by family dog PEKINGESE
Recompense performer about large mistake about director's initial positive content? FEELGOODFACTOR
Reputation not good? Substitute required STANDIN
Second place, not first, to find ruminant MOOSE
Solid sound of parrot and wading bird clashing around back of shed POLYHEDRON
Staff outside welcoming lad in navy PERSONNEL
Start to rant, for one drink's overturned, making derisive noise SNIGGER
Stick with using semaphore to get quantity of drink FLAGON
Suppose cut will undermine doctor making visit DROPIN
Unruly infernal teen brat yielding a name -- this? ENFANTTERRIBLE