Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 14 2021

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Clues Answers
"Dancing with the Stars" judge Goodman LEN
"Thank you, Henri" MERCI
"That'll be — day!" THE
Acquired canines TEETHED
Antelope or goat BOVID
Apply cream DAB
Badge metal TIN
Beethoven's Third EROICA
Beloved DEAR
Big party FETE
Caesar's "I came" VENI
Chop HEW
Classic theaters ODEA
Cohort of Harry and Ron HERMIONE
Corn core COB
Corp. leaders CEOS
Dead heat TIE
Eggs OVA
Erte's style DECO
Fish story YARN
Flu symptom FEVER
French article LES
Garfield's pal ODIE
Guided the flock HERDED
Hardly any FEW
Has permission MAY
Highly decorated ORNATE
Hooting bird OWL
Hotel staffer BELLHOP
Innocent one BABE
JFK info ETA
Killer whale ORCA
Clues Answers
Louisiana waterway BAYOU
Misbehaving BAD
Misfortunes ILLS
Mound stat ERA
Night before EVE
Nile vipers ASPS
Oklahoma city ENID
Palliative plants ALOES
Passing craze FAD
Peter Fonda's beekeeper role ULEE
Pixels DOTS
Poets of yore BARDS
Pretzel topper SALT
Prune LOP
Pub on wheels BARCAR
Rock's Brian ENO
Roulette bet RED
Sasha's sister MALIA
Silver salmon COHO
Sound from a hot wok SSS
Strongman of myth HERCULES
Swerve VEER
Tea type HERBAL
This and that BOTH
Twosome PAIR
Uncivilized RAW
Was right for SUITED
Weep CRY
Whole range ATOZ
Wicked EVIL
Winnebago owner, briefly RVER
Yalie ELI