Irish Times (Simplex) - Apr 28 2021

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Clues Answers
... Island (R.L.Stevenson) TREASURE
Barrier to contain the flow of water DAM
Based on reason RATIONAL
Be indebted to OWE
Biggest or highest GREATEST
Book of accounts LEDGER
Casual, not official INFORMAL
Cognisant, mindful AWARE
Comes into view again REAPPEARS
Continent EUROPE
Cut out, erase DELETE
Disinclined to work or exert oneself SLOTHFUL
Dying residue of a fire EMBERS
Ensured observance of rules ENFORCED
Gains points SCORES
Imperial measure equal to eight gallons BUSHEL
Implements for particular functions TOOLS
In addition, too ASWELL
Clues Answers
Inescapable attack in chess CHECKMATE
Instrument for viewing internal body parts ENDOSCOPE
It's used in brewing HOP
Looped fastenings KNOTS
Military trainees CADETS
Nature is said to abhor one VACUUM
Oddly, no ark in this Ohio metropolis AKRON
Of teeth DENTAL
One circumstance that contributes to a result FACTOR
Really, genuinely TRULY
Scatters liquid SPLASHES
Serious lung condition EMPHYSEMA
Softly, musically speaking PIANO
Spanish sun SOL
Spoke softly or indistinctly MURMURED
Tool for boring holes and a cocktail GIMLET
Vista or stage setting SCENE
With an inner covering LINED