New York Times - Apr 27 2021

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Clues Answers
'Dies ___' (hymn) IRAE
1990 #1 hit that begins 'Yo, V.I.P., let's kick it!' ICEICEBABY
About 85% of Iberia SPAIN
Amount an employee earns WAGE
Apt letters missing from con_ _m_ _a_e TAINT
Bigwig NABOB
Blood-typing letters ABO
Burn superficially SEAR
Camera setup often worn on the head GOPRO
Checks (out) SCOPES
Computer menu bar heading EDIT
Cutting part of a knife EDGE
Doily feature LACE
Dubai and Abu Dhabi are part of it: Abbr UAE
Dubious sightings in the Himalayas YETIS
Figure in a negotiation OFFER
Fruity red wine, familiarly ZIN
Game with Reverse cards UNO
Gobble (down) SNARF
Graycoat, in the Civil War REB
Informal bed FUTON
It's a mess STY
John Hersey's 'A Bell for ___' ADANO
Kind of torch TIKI
Letter before omega PSI
Libation made from the beginnings of 17-, 23-, 49- and 59-Across JULEP
Like atoms vis-à-vis molecules TINIER
Like rococo decoration ORNATE
Main drag through New Orleans's French Quarter BOURBONSTREET
Never-used state MINTCONDITION
Obsolescent means of sending documents FAXING
Once ___ lifetime INA
Ophthalmologists' focus EYES
Photos SHOTS
Pint glass filler ALE
Queen of the gods, in Roman myth JUNO
Rage IRE
Clues Answers
Ralph who ran for president four times NADER
Respite BREAK
Retired cross-Atlantic jet, for short SST
Retro photo tint SEPIA
Ricelike pasta ORZO
Rock's Kings of ___ LEON
Sailors' affirmatives AYES
Scissor cut SNIP
Scoffs (at) SNEERS
Second letter before omega CHI
See 1-Down CLOP
See 42-Down FINN
Taiwan's capital TAIPEI
Tehran native IRANI
Telecommunications giant that merged with T-Mobile in 2020 SPRINT
The 'p' of m.p.h PER
Things detectives look for CLUES
Three strokes on a par-4 hole, e.g BIRDIE
Time to set aside money for, in a saying RAINYDAY
Toe, e.g DIGIT
Toronto's prov ONT
Translucent fossilized resins AMBERS
Uber request RIDE
Upstate New York river or lake ONEIDA
Vetoes NIXES
Vote in favor YEA
Wealthy boyfriend, perhaps SUGARDADDY
What airlines sometimes do, causing headaches OVERBOOK
With 1-Across, sound of a carriage horse CLIP
With 19-Across, pal of Tom Sawyer HUCK
Wonderment AWE
Word after deep, stir or small FRY
Word repeated in 'What's ___ is ___' FAIR
Worked as a secret agent SPIED
___ and Ladders (classic board game) CHUTES
___ fiber OPTIC
___ Lee, longtime head of Marvel Comics STAN
___ the Great (10th-century Holy Roman emperor) OTTO