The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,430 - Apr 27 2021

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Clues Answers
Aboard ship hurry to provide launches SHIES
Bishop falling into lake in African country like a shot? CHAMBERED
Boat is exposed, shipping gallons BARGE
Choice of letter size for keyboarder ELITE
Cold climb posing problem for athlete? CRAMP
Desert region has near waters diverted WESTERNSAHARA
European report of border activity? CZECH
Feature of the gods not being concerned with supposedly lesser mortals? EGOCENTRICITY
How one may lie in party game, stutteringly DOGGO
Kicks given no censure surprisingly RENOUNCES
Like Derby, plainly? Ontheflat
Make a fuss to avoid a Greek island CRETE
Native attempts to trap British on island TRIBESMAN
Overlooking North American lake is a nest AERIE
Clues Answers
People coming back see as a result of this instruction? RETURNEES
Provider of polish, a grotesque comedian? EMERY
Queen Victoria's beginning to interrupt all her children, quelling excitement? NERVINE
Restriction coming over time — it is an eye problem Retinitis
Riverside resident in provincial group NILOT
Row in world of Roman Church TERRACE
School physics unit facing ruin GRAMMAR
See list that includes one regarded as a revolutionary hero ROCHESTER
Seek arrest possibly for them (bit of exhibitionism unwanted?) STREAKERS
Singer Woody gets naughtier, leading couple stripping off GUTHRIE
Statesman sees Libya torn apart TONYBLAIR
Stitched up, like this puzzle? DOUBLECROSSED
Very exciting Scottish team — super! HEARTSTOPPING
Whatever suggestion that was given to Adam when new animal appeared? YOUNAMEIT