Family Time - Apr 26 2021

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Clues Answers
"American ___" (TV program) IDOL
"Beat it, you pesky pest!" SHOO
"But what ___ could I expect?" ELSE
"Early" hurricane survivor EVACUEE
"In ___ of gifts, send cash" LIEU
"We can ___ hope." ONLY
"Yadda, yadda, yadda," briefly ETC
A nickname for Ireland EIRE
A Saudi native ARAB
A way into a mine ADIT
Affliction of the eyelid STYE
Against ANTI
Area in London or NYC SOHO
Beam of sunlight RAY
Butter holder TUB
Can see the future, supposedly PSYCHIC
Canny sardine containers? TINS
Cereal Tiger TONY
Christmas month, briefly DEC
City st AVE
Closes loudly, as a window SLAMS
Currency for a 17-Across, perhaps DINAR
Daddy's little man SON
Diplomacy TACT
Doubtful IFFY
Easy digits for doing math ONES
Easy number to divide by TEN
Eel with sharp teeth MORAY
Eliminate some chalk ERASE
Exclamation of discovery AHA
Flying saucer, briefly UFO
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Get your juice up off the floor MOP
Clues Answers
Goal or ambition AIM
Had five-star chili ATE
Handy limb ARM
Has an electrical malfunction (2 words) SHORTCIRCUITS
IBM Selectric workers? TYPISTS
It's in front of "Diego" SAN
Large brass instrument TUBA
Like a gift someone will soon get SENT
Neither the weak ___ the strong NOR
Off-white gem OPAL
Officially bar from entry BAN
Orient something SITUATE
Painting class ART
Photo ___ OPS
Place of red and blue states USA
Plumbing issue CLOG
Practiced one's penmanship WROTE
Purposes USES
Red-spotted newt EFT
Smartphone feature (2 words) DIGITALCAMERA
Soaked WET
Speak SAY
Squinter EYE
The 24 daily, briefly HRS
The animated Fiona is one OGRE
Timeline part of a history book ERA
Unattractive amphibian TOAD
Where many things are balanced ATOP
Within striking distance NEAR
___ and terminer (hearing or trial) OYER
___ chi (martial art) TAI
___ Kong HONG
___-frutti ice cream TUTTI