Wall Street Journal - Apr 26 2021 - What Have We Here?

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Clues Answers
“Aw, you beat me” ILOSE
“Bill ___ Saves the World” NYE
“Gone With the Wind” plantation TARA
“Have we met before?” DOIKNOWYOU
“Just look what we have here...,” and a summary of 20-, 28- and 46-Across WELLWELLWELL
“Let me see...” GOODQUESTION
“Obviously!” NODUH
“Put a lid ___!” ONIT
“What a shame...” ALAS
Ailment treated with an inhaler ASTHMA
Alpha follower BETA
Applaud CLAP
Arthur of tennis fame ASHE
Avenue-lining trees ELMS
Biceps site ARM
Black beef cattle breed ANGUS
Build a third bedroom, say ADDON
Business-casual shirt POLO
Camping supplies retailer REI
Comment from a cow MOO
Crazy for Swayze? RHYME
Czech or Croat SLAV
Deliberately overlooks SNUBS
Determination WILL
Door opener KNOB
Espresso experts BARISTAS
Every single one ALL
Fella GUY
First full mo. of spring APR
Funny folks WITS
Give off EMIT
Got-the-wind-knocked-out sound OOF
Gushes out SPEWS
Hawkins of “Li’l Abner” SADIE
Heathen PAGAN
Hit the slopes SKI
How to juice a lemon SQUEEZE
Clues Answers
Injury remnant SCAR
Intertwine ENLACE
It clings to webs in the morning DEW
Its orbit crosses Neptune’s PLUTO
Justice Samuel ALITO
Laborers on the lowest rung PEONS
Lake craft CANOE
Loan shark’s practice USURY
Longing YEN
Many a tweetstorm post RANT
Mausoleum container URN
Mild Dutch cheese EDAM
Modern aphorism that’s an acronym YOLO
Olive in the funny papers OYL
One of the noble gases ARGON
One with two left feet KLUTZ
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Overly theatrical STAGY
Panache ELAN
Pantry pest ANT
Place to get a drink WATERINGHOLE
Places for coins SLOTS
Post-op program REHAB
Raggedy ___ ANN
Reasons to exist USES
Saws logs, so to speak SNORES
Sharp flavor TANG
Shortsighted ones MYOPES
Singer Goulding ELLIE
Slightest bit IOTA
Small earrings STUDS
Stuffing the ballot box, say VOTERFRAUD
Twosome DUO
Wager BET
Web address URL
Willy of “Death of a Salesman” LOMAN
Work out in the pool SWIMLAPS