Universal - Apr 25 2021

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Clues Answers
"Wonderful World" singer Sam COOKE
"You'll enjoy this!" ITSFUN
"___ a nice day!" HAVE
After that THEN
Approved OKED
Automobile CAR
Bad things EVILS
Bills that can pay bills CASH
Blurb on a book jacket BIO
Bring up the ___ (be last) REAR
Cautious acrobat's installation NET
Chrissy of "This Is Us" METZ
Constrain LIMIT
Coves and others INLETS
Cushion PAD
Dangle, as the tongue LOLL
Debate topic ISSUE
Depend (on) RELY
Desirable to a collector, usually RARE
Dig yourself into a hole, say? HIDE
Doesn't disregard HEEDS
Drag effortfully HAUL
Dutch South African orchard product? BOERFRUIT
Eagle wing parts? SOARMUSCLES
Edible part of a nectarine FLESH
Exploit, as a privilege ABUSE
Fear-inducing SCARY
Fit for the job ABLE
Frat party barrels KEGS
Gem that's often brownish-yellow TOPAZ
Hummingbird's home NEST
Jewish leader RABBI
Like a moderately large public restroom? FOURSTALLED
Longest above-water mountain chain ANDES
Makes certain ENSURES
Margarita request NOSALT
Mete (out) DOLE
Monarch's seat THRONE
Clues Answers
Morally suspect, or pleasantly cool SHADY
Mountain goat's perch CRAG
Mouthy? ORAL
Multipart story SAGA
Oil cartel, briefly OPEC
On the cold side CHILLY
On the topic of ABOUT
One may make a lake DAM
One never needs a new floor FOREST
Overly hasty RASH
Pronoun often paired with "she" HER
Proverbial pig's place POKE
Repository of discarded uniforms, mess kits, etc.? CORPSDUMP
Rose, before it blooms BUD
Scenic walk HIKE
Sea destroyed by irrigation ARAL
Sorrowful sound SIGH
South Asian garment SARI
Sport with clay disks SKEET
Strand at the dentist's office? FLOSS
Stroke of luck FLUKE
Tame, as an animal DOCILE
Timeline divisions ERAS
Tools for leaves RAKES
Tools for weeds HOES
Trembling tree ASPEN
Uncontrollable movement SPASM
Unlike this answer, directionally ACROSS
Upscale FANCY
Usher's walkway AISLE
Vehicles for one-way trips? SLEDS
Vexes IRKS
What cheap toilet paper typically has ONEPLY
Where most people live ASIA
Where to hunt for shells SHORE
Word before "relationship" or "awareness" SPATIAL
Words said while nodding ISEE
___ out a living (just gets by) EKES