- Apr 24 2021

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Clues Answers
''Animal Farm'' rebels HENS
''Buh-bye'' SEEYA
''I'll be sad for __-body'': Burns NAE
''Reds'' surname ROSSI
''Rubbish!'' MYHAT
''Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star'' scheme AABB
''White'' surname ALBA
Above all ATTHETOP
Actor whom Obama called ''big-eared and level-headed'' NIMOY
Annual report signatory CEO
Backer's word AYE
Badger NAG
Catalyzes ENABLES
Changes visible wavelengths DYES
Colombian cornbread AREPA
Decoding candidate CIPHERTEXT
Early workplace for Gershwin TINPANALLEY
Elf (per se or a prefix) HOB
Emulating my own self ASIAM
Exhibits reverence KNEELS
First Muslim with an acting Oscar ALI
Hardship ILL
Have in the bag ICE
Inclination SLOPE
It's no fun CHORE
Its logo represents a motor cross-section TESLA
JFK Jr. alma mater NYULAW
Jukebox musical featuring ''Proud Mary'' TINA
Lace place SHOE
Latter-day quackery JUNKSCIENCE
Laugh half HEE
Clues Answers
Marc Antony descendant NERO
Megalopolis renamed in 1995 BOMBAY
Michelangelo contemporary RAPHAEL
Military action figure, for short MERC
Not past UPTO
One with a sense of security GUARD
Org. once headed by two future Chief Justices ABA
Polished bookend material AGATE
Prepared to make contributions OPENEDANIRA
Profit pool metaphor PIE
Quirky phrase IDIOM
Resident's add-on IAN
Ride (on) RELY
Rubbish HOOEY
Rugged or ragged HARSH
Setting for the Winnipeg Folk Festival CDT
Social asset EASYCHARM
SpaceX propellant LOX
Specialist in balance issues ENT
Speculate DARESAY
Spreads threads CCS
Standing, for short CRED
Sticks together BONDS
Stop-motion art CLAYMATION
Subsidiary ARM
The point at which WHERE
They're often pricier than ''stores'' SHOPPES
Tidal ecosystem MARSH
Treatment in oils BODYWRAP
Trifle with JOSH
Ultimate introduction LASTLY
Walks, for example PASSAGEWAYS
Where Nauru is MICRONESIA
Whiskey flavoring MAPLE