The Washington Post - Apr 23 2021

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Clues Answers
'Get on it!' NOW
'Hey' assistant SIRI
'The Great Movies' series author EBERT
'__ Rosenkavalier' DER
39.37 inches, in Ipswich METRE
Actor Fiennes RALPH
Audiophile's flat, say? AMPEDAPARTMENT
Big 12 rival of the Longhorns SOONERS
Brian of Roxy Music ENO
Caesar's last gasp ETTU
Capacitance unit FARAD
Captivate ENAMOR
Cheese-making sites DAIRIES
Cornerstone word ANNO
Court figs DAS
CT scan relative MRI
Demean ABASE
Evidence of surgery SCAR
Family __ TIES
Field role of early TV NUN
Fragments PIECES
Franchise whose opening themes are songs by The Who CSI
Frisbees, e.g DISCS
Gets closer to NEARS
Guitarist Paul LES
Hiker's stopover HOSTEL
In concert ASONE
Indian honorific SRI
Indications of humanity? ERRORS
January Ga. hours EST
Judicious use of an Egyptian goddess? ISISMANAGEMENT
Just what the doctor ordered MEDS
Kierkegaard, e.g DANE
Knowledgeable (in) VERSED
Law group SENATE
Lethargy TORPOR
Like microbes, before microscopes UNSEEN
Clues Answers
Lover of Aphrodite ARES
Mature eft NEWT
Mendes of fashion EVA
More vast HUGER
Most exposed BAREST
Mountain guide SHERPA
NFL scores TDS
Nomadic shelter YURT
One of ten in Baldwin's 'Notes of a Native Son' ESSAY
One on a regimen, perhaps DIETER
Opening for recorded music CDSLOT
Openings GAPS
Paris' Rue __ Martyrs DES
Passed-down property ESTATE
Previously called NEE
Raring to go EAGER
Really enjoy SAVOR
Rest LIE
Roman fountain TREVI
Salon supply GELS
Scott who played Danno on 'Hawaii Five-0' CAAN
See 35-Across EDITISDUE
Sharp turn SWERVE
Soffits are under them EAVES
Some brass TUBAS
Source of some cruise ship beer? AFTBREWERY
Stupefy BESOT
Tentacle analog ARM
Theme park offering RIDE
U.S. Cabinet-level dept EDUC
Upper crust groups ELITES
What a theater hopes its 'Bus Stop' revival will be? INGEWORTHY
Where Mark Watney was stranded for about 560 sols, in a 2015 film ONMARS
With 40-Across, good advice for correcting a manuscript? EDITWHERE
Wonderland service TEASET