The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8573

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Clues Answers
Almost, nearly NIGH
Causing embarrassment CRINGEWORTHY
Commonest tuna BLUEFIN
Cut; fastener CLIP
Deceitful people double-dealers
Defect, mistake FAULT
Double tie reef knot
French city LYON
Go up against OPPOSE
Highly decorated ORNATE
Himalayan country NEPAL
In the forefront of fashion trend-setting
Clues Answers
Inclined; fished ANGLED
Novel by Virginia Woolf ORLANDO
Of one continent EUROPEAN
Over-loud NOISY
Quick-tempered, passionate FIERY
Raised platform ROSTRUM
Relating to weddings NUPTIAL
Sauce for meat GRAVY
Tranquillity PEACE
Unit of land area ACRE
Where Aristotle taught LYCEUM