New York Times - Apr 23 2021

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Clues Answers
'The right' thing IDEA
'Who ___?' SAYS
'You pick' IDONTCARE
'___ destiny unshunnable, like death': 'Othello' TIS
101 word in both Spanish and French TRES
Actor Green SETH
Bone to pick BEEF
Brief confession IDID
Check alternatives XES
Conforms FITS
Corporate workplace division, for short OPS
Creature that can fill the blank in L___R to make another creature EMU
Cup alternative, at times CONE
Dad's hangout, maybe MANCAVE
Decline in military activity? NOSIR
Endeavor STRIVE
Event that goes all night SLEEPOVERPARTY
Fall farming headache EARLYFROST
Father figure PRIEST
Finish, to an oenophile AFTERTASTE
First and only president of the Republic of Hawaii DOLE
Garnish for a Moscow mule LIMEWEDGE
Gives some badly needed help? ABETS
Good beverage for a blustery fall day HOTAPPLECIDER
GranTurismo maker MASERATI
High home AERIE
It's measured in both feet and meters POEM
Kind of card AMEX
Laughfest RIOT
Like the sound of a clarinet REEDY
Like the walls of an old church, maybe IVIED
Little white toy MALTESE
Make fast TIE
Make ___ AMENDS
Clues Answers
Mammal that can hold its breath up to eight minutes OTTER
Network with shows on Paramount+ CBS
Not to FRO
Oleta of soul ADAMS
One involved in a dispute ARBITER
Ones best in show? FRONTROWSEATS
Oni, in Japanese folklore OGRE
Original cause ROOT
Person who's really sweet and soft TEDDYBEAR
Plunger into the Pacific Ocean in 2001 MIR
Put in an order SORT
Query that might follow some grumbling WHATSFORDINNER
Quinceañera celebrant, e.g TEEN
Quinceañera celebrant: Abbr SRTA
Real name of George VI ALBERT
Relieve (of) RID
Roof-edge defenses PARAPETS
Scrubland danger BRUSHFIRE
She sounds just like you! EWE
Singer in the family? RAT
Snap out of it? CAMERA
Snap, crack or pop, maybe BREAK
Something often served with shakshuka PITA
Sound SANE
Sound of the South DRAWL
Star's place SKY
Three for the show? TRIO
Turkey TWIT
Turn down DIM
What meat and dairy both lack FIBER
Who wrote 'In Memory of W. B. Yeats' AUDEN
Word with shop or shot BODY
Worthless stuff REFUSE
___ Lingus AER
___ the Enchanter, role in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' TIM