Universal - Apr 22 2021

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Clues Answers
"Frankenstein" workplace LAB
"Hmm, I guess so" OHOK
"I'll get busy!" ONIT
"Leave a message at the ___" TONE
"The Graduate" star Bancroft ANNE
4x400 race, e.g RELAY
76ers manager Brand ELTON
Actor Hemsworth LIAM
Affirmative answer YES
Alphabetically last arm bone ULNA
Animal that can jump 10 times its body length BULLFROG
Apple product that may have 10 cores IMAC
Apt furniture for a baker? ROLLTOPDESK
Apt furniture for a Big Ten coach? CONFERENCETABLE
Apt furniture for a candidate? PLATFORMBED
Apt furniture for a car salesperson? CONVERTIBLESOFA
Back in the day ONCE
Behavioral standards NORMS
Burden ONUS
Capitol ___ HILL
Cat also called a cougar PUMA
Chutzpah, informally GUTS
Common screen name for a troll ANON
Compels FORCES
Detox facility REHAB
Digital image format BITMAP
Eat away at ERODE
End of a prof's email address EDU
Explorer ___ the Red ERIK
Fall associated with winter SNOW
Friend, in French AMIE
Garfield's frenemy ODIE
Government number source: Abbr SSA
Grain in a chewy cookie OAT
Grand Lodge member MASON
Gun, like an engine REV
Happen afterward ENSUE
Hurdles for future JDs LSATS
In and of ___ ITSELF
Clues Answers
In stitches SEWN
Intimidate DAUNT
Jabbed with a finger POKED
Learner's permit holder, often TEEN
Like a SEAL or Green Beret ELITE
Like creepy-crawlies ICKY
Like some patches IRONON
Middle Earth monsters ORCS
Not neat, at a bar ONICE
Notorious Roman fiddler NERO
Overshadowed ECLIPSED
P.R. firm specialty SPIN
Palo ___ ALTO
Person at a board meeting TRUSTEE
Pieces of 8? ARCS
Places to find lions and tigers and bears ZOOS
Play parts ACTS
Prunes, formerly PLUMS
Quarterback-turned-broadcaster Tony ROMO
Seat at a hoedown BALE
Shoelace problem KNOT
Sign, as a will EXECUTE
Single squat, say REP
Sky blue AZURE
Somber bio OBIT
Stats and the like INFO
Sun-___ raisins MAID
Swiss watchmaker ROLEX
Tall, curved vase URN
Tests the weight of HEFTS
Thermometer type ORAL
Tidy or untidy stack PILE
Tied up BOUND
Trees with poisonous leaves YEWS
University honcho DEAN
Wonderment AWE
Word before "for one" and after "one for" ALL
Word before "school" or "war" TRADE
___ to grips with COME