The Washington Post - Apr 21 2021

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Clues Answers
'Paper Moon' Oscar winner ONEAL
'Silas Marner' child EPPIE
'Sure, probably' ISUPPOSE
'To __ not ... ' BEOR
'Très __' BIEN
'Wow!' GEE
*Lamb Chop, e.g HANDPUPPET
*Sheriff Woody's sidekick BUZZLIGHTYEAR
*Spoken language, in semiotics SIGNSYSTEM
*Start a number BREAKINTOSONG
1996 slasher film SCREAM
1997 Mattel acquisition TYCO
33-Down start, usually SCENEONE
Agreement that sounds like fun? OUI
Andalusian vegetable soup served cold GAZPACHO
Back AGO
Bell-shaped lily SEGO
Busy-bee link ASA
Candy cup creator REESE
Chem class part LAB
Chitchat CONFAB
Chorizo snack TAPA
Climbing greenery IVY
Clogging is one of its two st. dances NCAR
Corp. homes HQS
Decisiveness SPINE
DJIA listings COS
Erode, with 'away' EAT
First lady not married to a president? EVE
Forbes competitor INC
Formal ties ASCOTS
French Toaster Sticks brand EGGO
Govt. farming monitor USDA
GPS info RTE
Has a capacity of, as a diner SITS
Hernando's 'Huh?' QUE
Holiday aide ELF
Clues Answers
Holiday drink NOG
Ignoring, with 'to' DEAF
Indented blemish POCK
Instrument laid flat during play ZITHER
Intermission follower, perhaps ACTII
Kind of lamp OIL
Laura with an Oscar DERN
Legal encumbrance LIEN
Like 70-Across RRATED
Lily pad squatter FROG
Lions and tigers and ... not bears BIGCATS
Lunch bread RYE
Many a freshman TEEN
O'Hare, on tix ORD
Org. with Jets and Flyers NHL
Pasta unit NOODLE
Plaza de toros cry OLE
Provides with the means ENABLES
River of Flanders YSER
Rotate so the palm faces down or backward PRONATE
Ruth on a diamond BABE
Scot's swimming spot LOCH
Sellout letters SRO
Swap with, as in a player-for-player deal TRADETO
Symphony type pioneered by Beethoven CHORAL
Team's lack, in a cliché ANI
Tennis great who wrote 'Days of Grace' ASHE
Tizzy SNIT
Tot's sassy demand ... or a hint to the start of the answers to starred clues GIMME
Towel material TERRY
Valiant's son ARN
Word of intent SHALL
Word with hip or bunny HOP
Workout aftermath ACHES
Wouldn't dream of it DARESNOT
YWCA part: Abbr ASSN
__-a-brac BRIC