The Sun - Two Speed - Apr 21 2021

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Clues Answers
Aircraft tracker RADAR
Bill in American court ACT
Bird with dead rival EMULATE
Blokes with posh food list MENU
Boot out old Brazilian captain unable to finish EXPEL
Buzz from live lines BELL
Carte du jour MENU
Create cryptogram ENCIPHER
Deer has courage reportedly HART
Develop complex ELABORATE
Dormant LATENT
Elevation ALTITUDE
Evil intent MALICE
Expert in steamy photo HOTSHOT
Expert to make firm solvent ACETONE
First Lady in Cleveland EVE
Former currency PESETA
Highly detailed ELABORATE
Hold fast ADHERE
Instant judge leaves is not certain IFFY
Inuit shelter IGLOO
Lawyer one harassing for cash SOLICITOR
Legal professional SOLICITOR
Low noise RUMBLE
Money group making seedy investment? PESETA
Nail polish remover ACETONE
Clues Answers
Necessary end: fuel exploding NEEDFUL
One logo changed for White House IGLOO
Oust or eject EXPEL
Overcharge for coat FLEECE
Pen a part stupidly obvious APPARENT
Performance ACT
Polyhedron PRISM
Questionable IFFY
Required NEEDFUL
Ringer BELL
See through doctor breaking law RUMBLE
Seemingly true APPARENT
Sheepskin FLEECE
Skilled showoff HOTSHOT
Solid figure in pair is married PRISM
Soon to be amended: ours also in full report SONOROUS
Spite enraged camel round island MALICE
Stick lands regularly at this spot ADHERE
Strive to equal EMULATE
The night before EVE
This finds course drama school runs RADAR
Timeless, The Prince could reveal code ENCIPHER
Unseen, let tan develop LATENT
Your Highness? ALTITUDE