The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27957

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Clues Answers
Article seen by chief is to come AHEAD
Best quality piano introducing old poem PRIME
Boozer turned on initially amenable canine TOSA
Bower Eliza Doolittle's refuge? ARBOUR
Broad line curls round belt BANDOLIER
Correspondence about a break in cloud mares-tail
Corrupt state? On the contrary INNOCENCE
Despite everything one finds legendary creature YETI
Documents for discussion in genre slammed by media green papers
Duke leaves South African port for city URBAN
Escorts abandoning hotel customers USERS
Fail to get great deal that would assist higher aims? BOMBSIGHT
Henry sort of cross with horse coming first HANK
Lady of the Lake CONSTANCE
Majestic European prince appearing regularly EPIC
Clues Answers
Miserable face sergeant-major wears DISMAL
Monk one taking place in church service BENEDICTION
Mood cheers up with doctor on department ATMOSPHERE
Musical talent gets attention EAR
Operatic role thought to release energy IDA
Peaceful border in Asian region pacific rim
Rozzer has run inside: crime writer almost catching us in college Corpus Christi
Runner showing increased complacency circling lake SMUGGLER
Silver coin added to millions in kingdom REALM
Staff outside the Italian financial centre MILAN
Star hides much being a deranged killer sub-machine-gun
Swimsuits composer carried across East River BEACHWEAR
Those wanted are dead? It's uncertain DESIDERATA
Tirade on socialist dog is something fruity red currant
Zealot on charter round island promoting growth NUTRIENT