Wall Street Journal - Apr 21 2021 - Splitting the Profits

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Clues Answers
“Go, team!” RAH
2016 Drake song with guest vocals from Rihanna TOOGOOD
Agent of an uprising? YEAST
Arthroscopy target JOINT
Bettor business? WAGER
Boxful for drawers CRAYONS
Boxing trainer Dundee ANGELO
Bradley with five stars OMAR
Brand with tiger ads ESSO
ChapStick target LIPS
Chrysalis, e.g PUPA
Consequently ERGO
Crowd-pleaser HIT
Desktop accessory LAMP
Driving aids TEES
Fall heavily PLOP
Fan publication ZINE
Final offer ULTIMATUM
Fix, in a way SPAY
Fixed, as pumps RESOLED
Formerly, formerly ERST
Free, as a fish UNHOOK
Game that makes babies laugh PEEKABOO
Golf, e.g AUTO
Having only unfavorable outcomes NOWIN
Hide for a ride STOWAWAY
Hiker’s seat LOG
Holder of 68-Across COOP
Idris of “Pacific Rim” ELBA
Islands welcome ALOHA
Issue forth EMANATE
It’s about a foot SHOE
Jeans brand LEE
Jim Palmer, notably ORIOLE
Lacking, literarily SANS
Leader of the pack ALPHA
Less welcoming ICIER
Like a cocoon SPUN
Clues Answers
Like Muhammad’s followers ISLAMIC
Like some kitchens EATIN
Lily family succulent ALOE
Lopsided ATILT
Magnet end POLE
Map measures ACRES
Mark of excellence APLUS
Maximum amount ALL
Mocking tribute ROAST
Multitudinous MANY
Nocturnal raptor OWL
Not clergy LAY
Oakland A’s outfielder Laureano RAMON
Occupants of a 65-Across HENS
Oppressive ruler TYRANT
Padded footstools OTTOMANS
Period of history AGE
Persistent urge ITCH
Portable shelters TENTS
Put in an appearance SHOWN
Ram’s sister EWE
Resolutely loyal STALWART
Scorched ARID
Slicer setting THIN
Slightly open AJAR
Some audition rejects HAMS
Some summer babies LEOS
Spot for merit badges SASH
Square PLAZA
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Taking a look at EYING
Tater SPUD
They’re divided by victors, and divided in four rows of this puzzle THESPOILS
Undiluted NEAT
Venomous vipers ASPS
What pep rallies generate SPIRIT
Writer Uris LEON