- Apr 20 2021

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Clues Answers
''Beware the __ of March'' IDES
''How clumsy of me!'' OOPS
''I'm interrupting . . .'' AHEM
''It's either you __'' ORME
''My lips __ sealed'' ARE
''Triple'' cry of surprise MYMYMY
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Any carbonated beverage SODA
Appear suddenly POPUP
Assess, as a tax LEVY
At any time EVER
Be a monarch REIGN
BLUE state's party DEMOCRATIC
Boss at City Hall MAYOR
Browses for bargains SHOPS
Business attire SUIT
Centers of hurricanes EYES
Creative thought IDEA
Daybreak direction EAST
Diabolical EVIL
Eagle claw TALON
Evade skillfully ELUDE
Eve's first home EDEN
Female horses MARES
First Greek letter ALPHA
First in line NEXT
Formal ''Me too'' ASAMI
Grade schooler's glue PASTE
Helped AIDED
Intense anger IRE
Job benefits, for short PERKS
Junk email SPAM
Laundry dirt GRIME
Lavish meal REPAST
Long sandwich HERO
Milky gemstone OPAL
Clues Answers
Missouri's __ Mountains OZARK
More rational SANER
Most important MAIN
Mother __ (Peace Prize nun) TERESA
Mountain lion PUMA
Of the backbone SPINAL
Official substitute PROXY
Open-handed hit SLAP
Otherwise ELSE
Outcome RESULT
Overly formal PRIM
Perform by oneself SOLO
Person who ridicules MOCKER
Pets that purr CATS
Piece of a chain LINK
Poet Pound EZRA
Pointers and poodles DOGS
Prearranges dishonestly RIGS
River near Shakespeare's home AVON
Role model IDOL
Save for later STORE
Savings protection agcy FDIC
Score of a shutout ZERO
Seat at a tavern STOOL
Slight advantage EDGE
Sloping walkway RAMP
Small battery size AAA
Small fruit pie TART
Stun gun TASER
Tear to shreds REND
Tequila cocktail, for short RITA
Ticket-selling fund-raiser RAFFLE
Toy brick brand LEGO
Vacuum cleaner's tube HOSE
Video-game emporium ARCADE
Wide necktie ASCOT
Wild brawl MELEE
__ the line (followed orders) TOED