Wall Street Journal - Apr 20 2021 - Piecemeal

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Clues Answers
“I’ll treat!” ONME
“No ifs, ___ or buts” ANDS
“Star Wars” crime lord JABBA
1997 Tommy Lee Jones/Will Smith movie MENINBLACK
Admit (to) COP
Auto introduced in 1957 EDSEL
Autumn birthstone OPAL
Bear whose porridge was too cold MAMA
Berth places CABINS
Bias-cut pasta PENNE
Bit of cleverness NEATTRICK
Broker’s recommendation BUY
Burger, fries and drink option COMBO
Catherine of “Schitt’s Creek” OHARA
Change ALTER
Chris with the 1989 song “Wicked Game” ISAAK
Civil uprising RIOT
Course need TEE
CPR specialist EMT
Cray-cray LOCO
Cuba, por ejemplo ISLA
Declares off-limits BANS
Deface MAR
Distinctive atmosphere AURA
Distinctive Harry Potter feature SCAR
Dyeing art BATIK
Eagle’s nest AERIE
Egyptian reptile ASP
Electronic music genre TRANCE
Elevator compartment CAR
Expected DUE
Facials open them PORES
Fashion monogram YSL
Former U.N. ambassador Haley NIKKI
French affirmative OUI
German equivalent of the French “le” DER
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Had supper ATE
Clues Answers
Hearty dinner STEW
Inca crop MAIZE
Item also called a murse MANBAG
Its products often come with Allen wrenches IKEA
Knight’s address SIR
Lakeside dock offering CANOERENTAL
Lawn sign verb ELECT
Like flags and quilts SEWN
Like the girl in a Van Morrison song BROWNEYED
Morning display, and a hint to the circled letters BREAKFASTSPREAD
NBA great Shaquille ONEAL
Neither follower NOR
Pic to click ICON
Place to be pampered SPA
Really small PINTSIZE
Reversal on the road UTURN
Rose garden pest APHID
Shin’s neighbor CALF
Short-term lease length ONEMONTH
Single-serving coffee pod KCUP
Skip the fancy ceremony ELOPE
Small batteries AAS
Soccer game cheers OLES
Spanish hero El ___ CID
Stag feature ANTLER
Strong cotton variety PIMA
Supporter ALLY
Tab, for one KEY
Tavern frequented by Homer Simpson MOES
Teases KIDS
Three-time All-Star fielder Sizemore GRADY
Title role for Tyler Perry MADEA
Twitter feed annoyances ADS
Ty with a .366 career batting average COBB
Underhanded LOW
Unproven theories presented as fact JUNKSCIENCE
Weighty work TOME
Whiff MISS
Xbox 360 competitor WII