Family Time - Apr 19 2021

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Clues Answers
"Don't count ___" (2 words) ONIT
"Right away" letters ASAP
"Watch out" on signs BEWARE
"What a shame for me" ALAS
A certain roof sealant TAR
A sleeve hides it ARM
All fidgety and nervous EDGY
Apple center CORE
Barely achieve (with "out") EKE
Big guy in the family DAD
Bop on the head CONK
Captain's "yes!" AYE
Committee's meeting program AGENDA
Corny concoction PONE
Currency in Japan YEN
Dairy farm sounds MOOS
Ewe's Mr RAM
First word of many questions WHO
Formerly, to a poet in the 1700s ERE
Forms of some hair products GELS
Full of oneself SMUG
General, captain or private, for example RANK
Get older AGE
Get thoroughly wet SOAK
Hawaii's Mauna KEA
Healthy, luxurious getaway SPA
Help signal at sea SOS
Hem's partner HAW
Horrible predicament MESS
Hospital worker with a residency INTERN
How to apply many deodorants SPRAY
Huge bakery sights OASTS
Inquires of ASKS
Clues Answers
It's the answer in geometry, sometimes AREA
Lamp fuel, sometimes KEROSENE
Lion's home DEN
Married WED
Muddy up the waters ROIL
Niblets for a horse OATS
Not on time LATE
One of the ICU letters UNIT
One wearing cuffs? ARRESTEE
One's equal PEER
Pay-___-view PER
Pimple producer ACNE
Pocket for a watch FOB
Prefix for "legal" or "mount" PARA
Red state? DEBT
Santa ___, CA ANA
Saw or visualized SEEN
Scaleless wiggly fish EEL
Searches for SEEKS
Shrek's species OGRE
Slalom tools SKIS
Some females in the woods DOES
Square or rectangular window section PANE
That lovely young lady SHE
Thing to sing in church HYMN
Tiny, as in a football league PEEWEE
To and ___ FRO
Told by a storyteller NARRATED
Voting "no" on ANTI
Walks the floor purposefully PACES
What the police enforce LAW
Word with "ginger" ALE
Words before "good example" or "new date" SETA
___ vera plant ALOE