- Apr 19 2021

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Clues Answers
''Chunk light'' sandwich fish TUNA
''Huh?'' WHAT
''Sorry to say . . .'' ALAS
''The __ the merrier!'' MORE
Award for music recordings GRAMMY
Below-ground plant parts ROOTS
Bert's Muppet pal ERNIE
Biblical song PSALM
Big brand of jeans LEVIS
Breakable dairy-drink container MILKBOTTLE
By walking there ONFOOT
Cardboard container for corn flakes CEREALBOX
Chagall or Antony MARC
Change the decor of REDO
Close by NEAR
Deliver a speech ORATE
Diverse, as a ''crew'' MOTLEY
Dutch Caribbean island ARUBA
Experts on IRS rules CPAS
Hair on an eyelid LASH
Harsh noise BLARE
Humorous head-smack sound BONK
In flames AFIRE
India's continent ASIA
Jury member, in theory PEER
Kitchen gadget for flour SIFTER
Large passenger planes JETS
Lessen, as the tide ABATE
Misplaces LOSES
Mothers of lambs EWES
Narrates, as a story TELLS
Narrow advantage EDGE
Nevada casino city RENO
Not doing anything IDLE
Notion IDEA
Otherwise ELSE
Peace Prize benefactor NOBEL
Pekoe or Earl Grey TEA
People downloading apps USERS
Clues Answers
Persuade gently COAX
Piece of china for cappuccino COFFEECUP
Place to pitch a tent CAMP
Rabbit cousin HARE
Remove, as a clothespin UNPEG
Revered celebrity IDOL
S&Ls' cash dispensers ATMS
Scoring 100% on ACING
Scrabble or Monopoly GAME
Search for SEEK
Secret message CODE
Sets of religious beliefs CREEDS
Shape of a hockey puck DISC
Sheets and pillowcases LINEN
Shoe's bottom SOLE
Shut with a bang SLAM
Skirt borders HEMS
Slightly ABIT
Small songbirds WRENS
Smooth-talking GLIB
Sneak a look (at) PEEK
Sound of a small bell DING
Southwestern donkey BURRO
Spills a secret BLABS
Strongly recommend URGE
Take the rind off PARE
Talks back to SASSES
Televise AIR
The Bard of __ (Shakespeare) AVON
The typical Saudi citizen ARAB
Three-quarters of 12 NINE
Tide of fashion TREND
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Tunes performed SONGS
Was clothed in WORE
What a fruity drink is poured into JUICEGLASS
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Young horses FOALS
__ vera (medicinal plant) ALOE