Wall Street Journal - Apr 19 2021 - Behind the Scenes

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Clues Answers
“Hop aboard!” GETIN
“My word!” GEE
“No Scrubs” girl group TLC
“___ Beso” (Paul Anka song) ESO
“___ fair in love and war” ALLS
*“Just stop!” GIVEITAREST
*Inconsequential conversation CHITCHAT
*Lateral epicondylitis, to a layperson TENNISELBOW
Abound TEEM
Actually exist ARE
Airline safety org TSA
Alpha or omega LETTER
Appeared SEEMED
Bach’s Mass in ___ BMINOR
Badgers’ cousins OTTERS
Baker, Beale or Bourbon STREET
Baltimore baseballer ORIOLE
Beehive State resident UTAHN
Bitter endive ESCAROLE
Blues singer James ETTA
Caravan creature CAMEL
Depose democratically UNSEAT
Derisive utterance HAH
Done up, as an updo STYLED
Eggs in a lab OVA
Exotic Indonesian island BALI
Extended LONG
Eye creepily OGLE
Farming prefix AGRI
Fight site in many a western SALOON
Fleet of warships ARMADA
Flower power advocate HIPPIE
For fear that LEST
Get rid of, as an incorrect crossword answer ERASE
Go against the flow REBEL
Guide and guard ESCORT
Clues Answers
Gun rights org NRA
He served between Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney ALGORE
Holder for a hog PIGSTY
Inscribes permanently ETCHES
Insistence BEHEST
Jobs for matchmakers and undercover cops SETUPS
Keeps in the loop, in emails CCS
Kit ___ (candy bar) KAT
Like wedding cakes and wage structures TIERED
Make a blunder ERR
Members of a pecking order? HENS
More profound DEEPER
Muscat’s country OMAN
Neighbor of Homer and Marge NED
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wiesel ELIE
Noble mounts STEEDS
One of ten digits TOE
Orderly NEAT
Parisian pal AMI
Partridge part WING
Pole or Serb SLAV
Predesigned file to base a new document on TEMPLATE
Primary color RED
Recede, as the tide EBB
Rent out LET
Rodeo ropes LASSOS
Some kitchen appliances GES
Spots on TV ADS
Sunrise direction, in San Juan ESTE
Tacks on ADDS
Target of a binge SERIES
There are six for a TD PTS
They fall in fall LEAVES
Tick by, as time ELAPSE
Turing who cracked the Enigma code ALAN
Wed in secret ELOPE
Where shady deals may be made, and a hint to the ends of the starred answers BACKROOM
Winter hrs. in Washington state PST