The Washington Post - Apr 18 2021

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Clues Answers
'All Things Considered' network NPR
'Amazing' magician RANDI
'Bein' Green' singer KERMIT
'Certainement!' OUI
'Darn!' DRAT
'Eureka!' AHA
'Livin' Thing' gp ELO
'Lord, is __?' ITI
'Mind your manners' BEPOLITE
'Mon __!' DIEU
'The Joy Luck Club' novelist AMYTAN
'Whatever works' IMEASY
'Yummy!' DELISH
'__ silly question ... ' ASKA
2010 health law: Abbr ACA
A, in Argentina UNA
A, in Austria EIN
A, to Morse DOTDASH
Actor Epps OMAR
Addams cousin ITT
Address SPEECH
Afghanistan's __ Bora TORA
Aides: Abbr ASSTS
AmericanAirlines Arena city MIAMI
Andrews and Edwards: Abbr AFBS
Arctic parkas ANORAKS
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Attila's army HUNS
Best bro MAINMAN
Big-eyed bird OWL
Bok __ CHOY
Buddhist discipline ZEN
Bump-related NODAL
Cell alerts RINGS
Classic sodas NEHIS
Clumps TUFTS
Company that makes Ball Park Franks TYSON
Composer Schifrin LALO
Contrived competition ... and what the 109-Across comprise in this puzzle? FANTASYLEAGUE
Court chroniclers STENOS
Courtroom art SKETCH
Cowboy's catcher LARIAT
Creepy film motel BATES
Croupier's tool RAKE
Cry from a balcony OROMEO
DDE opponent AES
DDE's WWII command ETO
Dessert made with mascarpone cheese TIRAMISU
Diminutive devil IMP
Dodger great Hodges GIL
Emmy-winning portrayer of Gary Walsh in 'Veep' TONYHALE
Enjoying crumpets, maybe ATTEA
Eponymous obstetrician Fernand LAMAZE
Exist ARE
Fats Domino's first name ANTOINE
Finally ATLAST
Former name of the Mariinsky Ballet KIROV
Garage job LUBE
Go deep or go yard HOMER
Greek X CHI
Hip-hop tops DORAGS
Hirsute Himalayan YETI
Home of 123-Acr ISR
Hunting dogs SETTERS
Hurricane warning responder, maybe EVACUEE
In stitches SEWN
It can follow land or sea SCAPE
Clues Answers
Large penguins EMPERORS
Like some grins TOOTHY
Loses one's head? BALDS
Made foam SPUMED
Main Milky Way makeup NOUGAT
Martini garnishes OLIVES
Medicinal shrubs SENNAS
Member of the fam SIB
Middle East economic center TELAVIV
Monsieur's mine AMOI
More intoxicating HEADIER
Mosque holy man IMAM
Motrin alternative ALEVE
Munich Mrs FRAU
Name associated with Jesuit schools LOYOLA
NBC show since 1975 SNL
Novelist Zola EMILE
NYC subway org MTA
Phillies' div NLE
Pitching stat WIN
Pitching stat ERA
Place for un étudiant ECOLE
Poivre partner SEL
Polite titles MADAMS
Polynesian Disney heroine MOANA
Port abuser, say WINO
Prayer possessive THY
Present-day Persia IRAN
Press IRON
Protected, at sea ALEE
Rare blood type, for short ANEG
Really long time AEON
Red Sea resort EILAT
Saigon soup PHO
Saturn SUV VUE
Scam with spam, say PHISH
School closing? MARM
School skipper TRUANT
Sea eagle ERN
Seder prophet ELIJAH
Send out EMIT
Show with Miami and NY spin-offs CSI
Sign of healing SCAB
Sister NUN
Somali supermodel IMAN
Stuffing stuff SAGE
Stuttgart starter SALAT
Subtle stratagem TRAP
Super Mario's dinosaur YOSHI
Texter's 'As I see it ... ' IMHO
Time long past YORE
Time sheet abbr HRS
Title for Tom Jones SIR
Trident-shaped letter PSI
Trimming tape INKLE
W.J. Clinton successor GWBUSH
Weasel out RENEGE
West of Hollywood MAE
Williams of 'Happy Days' ANSON
Wintry, in a way SLEETY
With 32-Across, stately sailors fearlessly face full-bodied fish? ROYALMARINERS
With 66-Across, public park patrollers faced feathered facsimiles? NATIONALRANGERS
With 92-Across, energetic New Englanders filch furry fledgling felines? ATHLETICYANKEES
Writer Wiesel ELIE
Yale founder Yale ELIHU